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    Train Driver Gloves?

    Hello everyone. As you may know from my Dear Diary thread (which will be updated soon, first week has been pretty intense!) that I have now started my Driver course. In 2 weeks we will be introduced to the sim. I thought about wearing a pair of gloves when in the sim and driving actual trains. I...
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    Moving somewhere within 1hr commute of Manchester City Centre

    Hello I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe in these unusual times. I have a question for those working at Man Pic (apologies mods if this is in the wrong place, I tried to figure out the best place I promise!). I have recently become a Trainee Train Driver at Pic and due to the virus...
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    Trainee Train Driver...finally!

    Hello everyone : ) I originally started using this forum to prepare myself better for when I applied for a Conductor role for ATW a few years ago. I managed to get the role because of the information on this website. What I found was a lovely community which helps others out in their pursuit to...
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    Guard Routes for Cross Country from Man Pic?

    Hello : ) Is there anyone that is able to confirm what routes guards have to learn for Cross Country from home depot Manchester Piccadilly? Any help would be much appreciated. I tried searching the forums already but I had no luck! Cheers
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    Old conductor applying for a new conductor job

    Hey there, A bit of an unusual question but thought someone may have the answer :D I used to work for ATW as a conductor but had to leave due to relocating. If I applied again for a new conductor role would I be classed as qualified (learning the traction and routes only)? Or would I be...
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    Apprentice Train Driver Virgin Trains

    Hello all and Merry Christmas ho ho ho! :lol: I am just wondering if anyone who applied for the Apprentice Train Driver at Virgin Trains has heard back yet about if they got a position at one of the three locations. I am guessing I now have to stew until Monday. I have tried calling but I...
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    Apprentice Train Driver Help!

    Hello all, Its been a while since posting on here. A quick update is that I have left being a conductor at ATW working from Holyhead to Manchester as I moved to Manchester a few months back. After what seems a gruelling process already, I have made it through to the next stage of the...
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    Enjoying my ATW conductor training! Thanks RailUKForums!

    Hello there, While I haven't introduced myself or posted on here before I have been a regular for reading the threads etc. My name is Simon and have just started my training to be a Conductor for ATW based at Holyhead. I have only completed 3 days of my introduction but can already tell...