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  1. Shaza

    Could the W1 have beaten Mallard's speed record?

    Recently I’ve been looking into Gresley's planned developments of the A4 class and the re-built W1 class locomotives. I know the W1, when rebuilt, wasn’t capable of developing high cylinder horsepower and due to having only 8" piston valves it was not as quick as an A4. W1 locomotives tended...
  2. Shaza

    Is it time for some of the ex GWR Long Marston stock?

    There seems to be a DRS loco-hauled movement from Long Marston to Newport Docks (Simsgroup) on Friday. The fact it is loco-hauled suggests to me its Mk.3s or that some 43s are no longer operational. I believe the first is more...
  3. Shaza

    What happend with the flying bannana today

    Im wondering if anyone knows what happend with the flying bannana NMT (183E) today. From what i know it stopped at Bristol Parkway and never continued. If this is so do you know where it is now and when will run again?
  4. Shaza

    What is this DRS movement from Newport docks (sims group)?

    Whilst checking for freight at Bristol I came across this odd movement. I don’t get why that would be a freight service from Newport docks (sims group) terminating at Bristol temple meads. What’s also odd is that the operator...
  5. Shaza

    British rail catering manual

    Im interested in reading the british rail catering manual and was wandering if any of you could help direct me in finding a copy of this manual. I was thinking at the NRM archives, but I don’t know how easy it would be to get a hold of a copy there. Much thanks in advanced
  6. Shaza

    Stoke junction location

    I'm trying to find where Stoke junction is after it being referred to in a book and have come to a loss. My best bet is that it's here- 52.639742, -0.342984 I was wondering if anyone here could help me out.
  7. Shaza

    london paddington underground

    Hello, I am completely new to the London underground and am planning on going from Paddington to Kings Cross on the tube. I want to buy a single ticket and was wondering where the machine or desk I would buy that from is and if I can use cash to purchase the ticket. Thank you.
  8. Shaza

    speed limits on the severn beach line

    I'm interested in the speed limits on the Severn Bech Line as much of it is single track and I often see animals on or around the track.