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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    ^^ - this to me is one of the most dangerous thing as a passenger to experience, especially as with the new trains designed to allow more people to stand. Why are there no grab handles from the ceiling (ala Class 185 in the wheelchair area or the newer Underground tube trains), or why is there...
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    Will companies continue to bid for franchises?

    What my concern here is - as much as the new TPE Nova stock are lovely to travel on with more seats (MK5A in the morning and Class 802 in the evening). Does TPE have the option for extending the number of carriages on the new stock? I'm concerned that in 18 months - 2 years time (when the new...
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    Leeds Station Improvement

    Ironically it may be going in the next few years due to the new station masterplan but at least it's in a better location to catch actual cyclists & potential cyclists now!
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    How do you 'evacuate' a busy station like Leeds?

    I suppose depending on how urgent the issue or problem is determine's the speed & effort of evacuation. Last year when someone was threatening suicide on the catwalk gangway above platform 8 at Leeds the station platform areas (from P1 to P17) were evacuated out the station. Most via standard...
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    LNER Azuma (Class 800/801)

    Is this more for precaution then anything else? To see (with a fine toothed comb) how the bodyshells & other components held up when crashed/damaged? I would imagine Kasado (if that's where they've gone) will be able to handle this better than Newton Aycliffe.
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    National Rail Enquiries App

    Are there any decent iOS apps out there that just concentrate on stations, platforms & train times? I have no interest in buying tickets (as I have a season ticket) - I just want a simple, clean, well-designed lightweight app that simply gives me platforms & train times. When I had a Windows...
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    Northern Passengers Taking “Direct Action.”

    I can see the passenger's point of view even though it's quite daft to do so. Problem is, to the general public they are not seeing an improvement in local train services & really haven't improved in the last 2-5 years. For the amount of money it costs for tickets & season passes it really...
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    Leeds Station Improvement

    In theory (according to the plans put forward) there is supposed to be rows of seating starting at the large glass expanse (with the doors on either side) and the rows going from the glass down towards the new central information point. This would mean people are not sitting directly in line...
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    TPE Mark 5A coaching stock progress

    Managed to land on one of these unexpectedly this morning from Leeds. I knew the timetables had changed but didn't spot that the 07:06 has now moved earlier to 07:00 instead. The first new TPE train I've managed to get. Nice looking train - step up from from the commuter style carriages of the...
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    Northern Class 195: Construction/Introduction Updates

    Ended up catching a 2-car 195 this morning from New Pudsey to Leeds (delayed 07:10). Apart from the ridiculously stupid notion that 2-cars are acceptable in the 21st Century, it seemed a nice enough train from what I could see while I was sardined into it. Ended up leaving people behind at...
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    Looking down on people paying to travel 1st class: Why?

    When I've travelled 1st Class (for leisure since work won't authorise 1st for travelling) I've thoroughtly enjoyed my time in there (only TOCs I've been 1st Class with are LNER & TPE). I prefer the space & the general ambience (plus the additional bonus goodies of food/drink) and the amount of...
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    TPE Nova 1 Class 802/2 Progress

    Yep, that's also the other really irritating thing. We're (finally) getting these swish, fancy, new slightly longer trains but within 2-5 years (short time in the train's expected 30-35 year lifespan) we will be back at square one again and I sincerely hope this time that funds are available to...
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    TPE Nova 1 Class 802/2 Progress

    Very much looking forward to these coming into service at some point before the next millenium, same with the MK5As. I've sat on the Azuma one's and personally found them just fine to me. At this point in time I couldn't care less about the comfort of the seats. I just want the seat I've paid...
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    Leeds Station Improvement

    Looking at the planning drawing ages ago, I seem to remember there is only 1 new additional barrier added to the gateline compared to the old layout. However, if they have the London-style access/deny on an small LED screen well above the floor then it could ease people accidentally aiming for...
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    Car Parking at Railway Stations

    I park at New Pudsey station which is an open plan 500-space car park. Currently free and hope it will remain so in the future. I seem to remember there was a fuss a few years ago after Northern were thinking of introducing parking charges for it (probably because they got asked to contribute...
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    Leeds Station Improvement

    Then again isn't this concourse roof supposed to be changed when the station integrates with HS2 when that arrives? I believe this is a nice temporary but permanent structure which is nicer than before. But then again one (of the many) reasons why HS2 could be over budget is the need to create...
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    Delay Repay

    For my daily commute the answer is no because the WYCA can't figure out how to do refunds on my annual season ticket since it's a countywide ticket & they have no idea where I am going to/from. Travelling for leisure or for work trips to meetings/events then yes but that's rarer. My wife on the...
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    Leeds Station Improvement

    Sorry about that - page 131, post 2615. This should be the direct link to the post containing the picture: (courtesy of Ttebroc)
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    Leeds Station Improvement

    An example of what part of the new roof & facade on the steel beams look like:
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    TPE route disruption, Wed 31/07/19

    Yep - I was stuck on the 16:15 from Huddersfield to Leeds. Got past Cottingley station around 16:30 and then trundled to a stop where it stayed there till it moved slightly at around 17:15. Didn't get into P15 until around 17:40 so more than an hour late. We had 2 services stuck in front of us...