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    TfW Pacers final weeks Diagrams/Allocations

    To save filling up the withdrawal thread with allocations i thought it would be better to start a separate theread for the allocations of tfw 14x fleet in their final weeks. Sunday 29th November 142073 09:55 Cardiff to Barry Island 10:30 Barry Island to Cardiff 11:04 Cardiff to Treherbert...
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    West Midlands Trains Class 323 refurbishment

    323217 has been sent to Wolverton for refurb, new toilet and fitting with PIS (and presumably the rest of the PRM package) it should be released in January. The pic is the interior during stripping.
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    Real Time Trains issues.

    Is it just me but on RTT if I put a future date In even just for tomorrow the site just shows a completely random selection of trains! For example ive got New Street for tomorrow at 12:00 and its showing e.c.s moves to Camden, Portsmouth Harbour, Fratton, Exeter New Yard and Havant, Passenger...
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    Croydon tram derailment

    Looks to have been a nasty accident on Croydon trams this morning with likely loss of lives. Thoughts with all involved in this and to their families. Edit- already jn the light rail section, apologies didn't see it before
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    LM 323 retractioning

    Not seen this mentioned anywhere but From the new timetable 1 of the 6car cross city 323 diagrams will run as a 3car as the 26 LM 323s are 'off to Manchester' for retractioning work. Would assume Longsight will be where they are done. What exactly is this work and are they much different when...
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    Class 92 new sleeper livery?

    Not seen anything about this anywhere else, 92033 is currently sat in Platform 8 at Crewe in a new all over dark green livery. Could this the base for the new sleeper colour?
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    170101 at Crewe

    About a month/6 weeks or so ago 170101 was in Crewe station and then ran onto LNWR, yesterday when I went past the centre car could be seen in the shed at LNWR with its doors removed. Anybody know why its there/what happened to it. It looked ok when it went in so guessing its some form of...
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    Derby-Crewe Meridian

    Due to the Watford blockade EMT have strengthened Derby-Crewe workings and one diagram is being operated by 222102. Currently on 09:07 from Crewe so should next work 10:42 Derby-Crewe. After that it should work 12:07 and 15:07 Crewe-derby and 13:42 and 16:42 Derby-Crewe. Hope of interest/use...
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    London Midland franchise extension

    Not sure of any more details other than the dates but The LM franchise has now been extended by 6 months from September 2015 until March 2016. There will then be negotiations for a directly awarded franchise which would run from April 16 through to June 2017 when the next competed franchise...
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    ATW 153 Repaints

    Not seen this elsewhere but there is an ATW 153 (pretty certain its 353) currently visible in LNWR at Crewe now sporting the ATW "WAG" livery. You cant see the whole thing but its looks pretty smart. all the numbers and logos are now on it so guess it will be released soon.