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    MTR Trainee Driver - Old Oak Common (14/05/21)

    It has just gone live externally, be careful going through the internal portal a friend just got rejected after applying on the internal page. I think they changed the application form to ask if you were internal or not last night. 1621067473 I just looked at the advert and it is saying that any...
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    MTR Trainee Driver - Old Oak Common (14/05/21)

    By the sounds of it the post will be external tomorrow as well.. hopefully..
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    MTR Trainee Driver - Old Oak Common (14/05/21)

    I have just heard that MTR might be releasing an advert tomorrow for Trainee Drivers for Old Oak Common, apparently for a course that might start later this year. Unfortunately by the sounds of it this is the only location they will be recruiting for as all other depots are full. When i spoke to...
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    MTR Crossrail Trainee Driver (Multiple Locations)

    @Marv89 I just spoke to someone in the HR team about the trainee driver role and they said that it is now being pushed back and will no longer be released tomorrow. The said that they should have more of an idea on Tuesday! Will give a call back on Tuesday and let you know what they say.. @GDC...