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    Footbridge at Debden.

    Just seen pic; of the new footbridge at Debden Central line and am encouraged to see that as far as I can tell ,it seems to have clearance for full-size stock. This is an unusually forward-looking step for these days- anything to do with the use of a surface- gauge Tmm7 track vehicle which had...
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    Old railway carriages repurposed for other uses.

    Mods note - split from this thread: For a long time, there was a Mk1 coach down on the pavement near Deptford station in use as a snack bar--don't know if it's still there.
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    Dudding hill line

    Watching a cab video of a recent journey on D H L and noticed that the S B points at Dudding hill junction had been removed-- not mentioned on the commentary Any ideas please?