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    Spouse Commuting

    I appreciate this may have been asked and discussed before. But....I work for c2c and my other half commutes to London using Greater Anglia. The two have the reciprocal travel arrangement but the only exception to this is regular/daily commuting for my wife. Is there any discount etc on a...
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    c2c Trainee Shunt Driver

    Anyone in a similar position to me? Stage 1 - 7th Jan (Southend) Stage 2 - 17th Apr (Watford) DMI - 30th Apr (London) Medical - 13th May (London)
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    c2c Shunt Driver DMI

    Did anyone on here have theirs today? How did it go?
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    Shunt Driver DMI

    Hello all, Might seem like a silly question.....but if, in the interview, I get asked 'what do you know about the role of a shunt driver?' there such a thing as trying to know and describe too much about what I think it is?....or should I just keep it in, open to being...