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    How Often Does a Driver Forget to Stop at a Station and What Are the Consequences?

    The late running 1204 Glasgow Central to Liverpool Lime Street failed to stop at ”Lea Green” today (19/07/2021). The train eventually came to a halt some distance past the station, several minutes later it was announced that the signalman had told the driver to return to Lea Green which he did...
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    Merseyrail Class 777

    Hopefully, this picture is better than my previous upload. I was on the 17:04 from Ormskirk and I noticed a train (508 or 507) moving in the Kirkdale and I then noticed 777 I think it was attached to the other train.
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    Merseyrail Class 777

    Spotted at Kirkdale depot
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    Halton Curve upgrade is on

    Does anyone know if the Cheshire Day Ranger will be valid on the services from Chester to Liverpool via the Halton curve? I assume they will be, but I thought I would ask the question.