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    Severn Valley Railway train forced to stop due to trespassers going for the Darwin Awards

    I have just seen this while looking at the "Shropshire Star" website Link, At least they didn't have their lines across the bridge, that could...
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    100 year anniversary of disaster at Abermule

    Tomorrow 26th of January is the 100th anniversary of the Abermule collision. As far as I know there will be no events to mark this event. Details of the collision can be found here...
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    Welsh bus pass need to replace.

    I very recently discovered that holders of the Bus pass in Wales have until December 31st to replace their existing passes (County Issue) with a Transport for Wales version! Details here, Aslo, the BBC had this article,which shows that there a quite a number...
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    Dispute over cat "ownership": police say it's a "civil matter"

    One of my cats went missing, and I later found out that it was found in a neighbours garden by some visitors, who thought the cat looked ill and removed it, yes the cat was ill and was being treated by us. They didn't think to seek out the owner, I feared the cat had been lost on the road. After...
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    Build a Routemaster magazine series

    Just found this, I don't think many will be completed!
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    Arriva Trains Wales drops out of Welsh rail franchise bid

    Just seen on B.B.C. Wales Today. It will be an interesting time ahead!
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    Daily Mail Good news railway article: Vintage Victorian steam loco at Snowdon

    I have just seen the following For the Mail not a bad item, but can anyone else spot the error in the article?:D
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    Class 158 centre cars

    I was just browsing the Wikipedia article for BR class 158 units which states "17 units were built as three-car units; eight of these units have since had the centre car removed", if this is correct what happen to these vehicles? Did they go oversea to Thailand because later in the article...
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    Midland Metro Bells

    Last Saturday I took a couple of trips on the Midland Metro (Tramway), and was left wondering if the warning bell is a real bell or a recording! Can anyone advise, please?
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    What if 67 hauled trains had supplemented Voyagers on XC?

    I trust that you may recall, that when Virgin proposed getting new rolling stock, one proposal was for a single ended class 67 with hauled stock. Similar to non powered Voyager vehicles, I believe. In light of what is now known about Voyager stock, would this proposal have worked out better...
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    Mersey Rail Trip

    I am planing a day out, using a Merseyrail Saverway day ticket and plan to start at Chester. (That being about a 90 Minute drive from here). I have a couple of questions that hopefully some kind person can answer. 1). How much is it to park at Chester station on a Bank holiday? 2). Are...
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    Clapham Junction stock picture used in article about Shropshire services

    The Shropshire Star has posted on its website an article stating that Shropshire rail passengers face travel chaos over the bank holiday! Check out the picture used!
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    Trolley Thoughts

    A great deal has been stated in the thread entitled "Swansea Mum's Horror as Daughter is Left Alone" about the role (or should I use the word roll:p) the catering trolley played. Personally I have always hated the things and never felt they where safe, I have had times when I wondered if I...
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    Fully Accessible Buses

    Can any one please, tell me, when all bus services in England & Wales are due to be operated by fully accessible vehicles. Many thanks.
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    Edmondson tickets - how it was done!

    Take a look at this item, traditional Edmondson railway ticket and you didn't need a routing guide to use it, all the information you could want! My how things have improved over the year!:grin...
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    Help Please?

    My first posting here, although I have been a long time watcher of this forum. As a former booking clerk I know a lot about ticketing, but after being asked a question in my local last night, I realised how things had moved on in the last few years. I was asked if I knew of the cheapest...