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    Switching employers

    Hi, For qualified driver job adverts what do you think the ratio of applicants to hires is? e.g. this one...
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    Northern advertising for Leeds Trainee train drivers

    but that's a long way down the process, at which point just rent a room locally quickly?
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    Work experience (train driving)

    Thanks both. Well some friends of friends are train drivers (sadly no direct friends) - how big an ask would this be? Would they have to jump through a lot of hoops / cash in a lot of goodwill to make this happen? --- old post above --- --- new post below --- on second thoughts it may be best if...
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    Work experience (train driving)

    Hi, Please could you tell me how to arrange work experience sitting in a cab for a day? (Just to be 100% sure train driving is something I want to do) Thanks, Mnbv p.s. I'm north of 30 if that makes a difference...
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    Northern advertising for Leeds Trainee train drivers

    I'm very happy to move to Leeds for the job. If I put Leeds down on the application form as my address would that cause a big problem if I don't currently live there? (if I got accepted I could just quickly rent a room in Leeds?)
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    Trainee Driver Vacancy - Thameslink

    Hi the deadline for this application was 11:45PM but the website closed at 11:41PM. My application was 99% finished (just needed to make the declarations) - do you think there's a way I can appeal to be considered?