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    Birmingham - Shrewsbury this Sunday

    I need to get the train from Birmingham to Shrewsbury on Sunday 27th. I know the line is closed between Birmingham and Wolverhampton but seem to be getting confusing information. The Network Rail site says that there is a replacement bus service but then goes on to say that the trains are...
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    Reserved Seats double booking

    I have just been to London with my family for a few days, I booked my tickets 12 weeks in advance and got a good deal. We got on our booked train at Wolverhampton only to find someone else in our seats, they had a ticket with the same reservation. Coming back late last night the same thing...
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    Children and the Underground

    I am taking my children ( over 11 years old) to London for a few days later this month. We will be arriving at Euston. We have visitor oyster cards that they can use. Is there a ticket office at Euston where we can get the Oysters changed to children's ones.
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    Taking Children to London

    We are planning on taking our children to London for a few days to see the sights. What tickets do they need for the Tube, their ages are 8, 11 and 14. Last time we went they all travelled free but that was a few years ago. We have a Friends and Family rail card if that helps.
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    Rail Travel Voucher and Virgin Trains

    I purchased 2 Advanced First class tickets from Shrewsbury to London Euston for £47.50 a few weeks ago (12 weeks in advance). Today I have received a letter from Virgin apologising for poor Customer service and enclosing a Rail travel Voucher for £47.50 typical as I have all ready bought the...