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    Did I just meet Britain's dumbest rail passenger?

    Boarded a Cross Country northbound service at Birmingham New Street last week and a smartly dressed youngish guy comes and takes the aisle seat. Says nothing at all for around an hour and then he suddenly turns to me and complains about nobody coming to take him to his First Class seat...
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    Birmingham NS to Paris advice needed please. Never done Paris.

    10th August for four days. Birmingham New Street to Gare Nord. (Is Gare Nord close to the Eiffel Tower?) Best hotels closest to Eiffel Tower for four days. Which is the closest rail station to Eiffel Tower if Gare Nord is some way away? Thanks in advance for all responses.
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    Early morning through train Paddington-Greenford. No return journey.

    GWR service. 05:41 departure from London Paddington. Where does the unit go afterwards? 21:55 departure from Greenford to London Paddington. Where does the unit come from to operate this service? It is the last NR departure of the day from Greenford.
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    Northern's dark blue "Complimentary Travel Pass"

    If I am commencing my use of the Pass at Leeds am I able to get a Leeds PlusBus if I show the clerk the Pass with the intended date of travel etc already filled in. Secondly, is there any time restriction on the date of the return journey (2 Passes, both Returns)
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    Confused over station layout - Birmingham New Street

    According to Realtime Trains my train goes from Platform 7M. I have looked at station maps and can only see A and B. Arriving at Birmingham Moor Street (from London) at 08:02 and my train goes from Birmingham New Street at 08:30. Final...
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    Journey Brighton-Bedford including 60+ Oyster.

    Paper ticket Brighton-East Croydon Oyster 60+ East Croydon-Elstree & Borehamwood Paper ticket Elstree & Borehamwood-Bedford Does the service need to call at Elstree & Borehamwood where ticket changeover happens?
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    What type of train is the Class 801?

    I see it described in several places as an EMU but surely with the thing on the front being a locomotive, it is a locomotive + carriages. A DMU/EMU is a train with passengers able to sit immediately behind the driver's cab as on the Class 345.
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    She is on the board of ORR but no transport experience

    Anne Heal She chairs the Thames Water Customer Challenge Group, is a board member of ELEXON, the electricity settlement body, a lay member of the General Dental Council, and an independent member of the Bank of England Enforcement Decision Making Committee. Anne was previously Director of...
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    What activity is there on the railway on Christmas Day?

    No trains running, no need for signals but surely the network it not entirely idle for fifty hours or so (Midnight 24th to early AM 26th).
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    Photographic Smart Cards. A good thing or a bad thing?

    As far as I know, ScotRail and GWR are the only TOC's requiring Smart Card applications to include a photograph. Is this to maximise profits by ensuring that only the applicant uses the Smart Card or is there another reason?
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    Question about the journey experience on LNER 10-car Azuma formations

    Two physically separate 5-car units. Are each of the two units fully staffed as separate units. I remember an early morning northbound journey from London to Sheffield on EMT utilizing two separate units in the same way. I was denied a cooked breakfast because I was sitting in the "wrong unit"...
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    Elimination of flat crossing at Retford.

    Just wondering how long this seemingly immense task took and how long the ECML was closed for at the time (1965).
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    Two 5-car Azuma sets joined together to form one service

    I am booked in Coach B departing from King's Cross on one of these joined up Azuma services. Will I be in the rear unit or the front unit? I generally go to the train the very second the platform number finally appears on the board. If I am booked in the rear unit, am I allowed to have a...
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    Is is possible to do a full circle on one ticket?

    For example 2G89 1740 Manchester Piccadilly to Manchester Piccadilly It would be a nice little ride in the summer months
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    Question about "Set Down Only" (late night services)

    Stations with a service calling after midnight presumably are still open with staff present. Thinking specifically about Peterborough (00:30) and Doncaster (01:40). If the stations are open and staffed, why can't people catch the train if they wish to?
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    Edinburgh-London: Caledonian Sleeper -v- LNER

    Is it common for the seated Sleeper fare to be cheaper than a daytime LNER fare. Sleeper (seated) £29.70 LNER: £33-£40 for an Advance
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    Weekend World opening theme. Railway footage.

    Can anyone identify the location or is the footage of random locations? Was the railway footage a normal part of this programme's opening credits?
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    When was Huntingdon Station "downgraded"?

    As far as I know, up until the 1970's or so, some "Inter City" trains out of King's Cross called at Huntingdon. On occasions this allowed a faster limited stop service to overtake. When did this come to an end with Huntingdon becoming a "local outer suburban" station?
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    Purchasing a train ticket with an App

    Am I correct in my belief that the National Rail Conditions of Travel state very clearly that a passenger intending to board a train MUST be in possession of a valid ticket BEFORE boarding said train. Boarding a train without a ticket and then attempting to purchase a ticket on your mobile...
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    ECML tunnels between London and Doncaster

    Am I correct in my calculation that there is a total of 4.405 miles of railway tunnel between King's Cross and Doncaster? The longest tunnel being the Potters Bar tunnel some way south of Potters Bar station (1,214 yards) and the shortest being Askham Tunnel between Newark Northgate and Retford...