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    Day in the life of a trainee driver

    Hello that was my diary that I had removed. It was removed as it will be popping up elsewhere sometime in the future. If you want to chat please feel free to pm me. I’m working pretty much everyday lol but will do my best to get back to you.
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    TPE trainee drivers

    There is no more for Man Pic as far as I am aware. At least from my batch of interviews. We are into our driving hours now. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more vacancies at some point though as it may be that a good few will be leaving in the next year.
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    Driver's annual leave

    It is extremely normal for you to be allocated ‘blocks’ where your Annual Leave is. As others have said it is not that bad and because you know quite fat in advance you can work out with other drivers swaps. I don’t think there is an issue with the amount of time off. By the time you factor in...
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    Doing functional skills in a driver apprentice

    Do A levels count? One person on our course had A level certificates and they weren’t accepted? It’s so confusing lol. To be fair they say an apprenticeship but I haven’t done anything at all other than the functional skills week at the beginning of the course. I have had two phone calls and...
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    Doing functional skills in a driver apprentice

    Hello that was my Diary. I have removed it as I will be moving it elsewhere on a project of my own. Indeed if you cannot prove your GCSE results by way of certification you will be requested to complete a functional skills week for IT, Maths and English. It isn’t bad at all and if I can do it...
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    New Process Added for Trainee Train Driver

    ATW used to do this back when it was. There was a telephone interview before being sent to the psychometrics. Not sure if TfW have continued this. It seems a lot of TOCs are doing it now as an extra stage of filtration.
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    TPE trainee drivers

    Nope I’m sure they will want you to resit them well within 5 years. Most TOCs will need them to be done within 2-3 years. The 5 years is the general validity but that doesn’t mean TOCs will accept it.
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    TPE trainee drivers

    TPE do not honour the five years. I had completed them to enhanced 2 years and 2 days prior with Virgin Trains and I was asked to retake them as I was over the two year period. I don’t wish on anyone to have to retake them again! It’s pretty nerve wracking!
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    My Modelling

    As a driver (trainee) I am very impressed with the details on these photos @Jaz avalley . The ballast on that middle and last photo is crazy and as previously mentioned the weathering is spot on. I don’t normally come out of hiding from the careers area but I realise now I may of been missing...
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    TPE trainee drivers

    There is no one for Scarborough on our course. There was a course just before ours which could of.
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    TPE trainee drivers

    Unfortunately the 5 years does not count for many TOCS anymore. Most accept 2-3 years before resitting them. Although I may be wrong! They just started a guards course but not a new drivers course unless it’s somewhere other than the hub or Manchester Pic hotel like the last two groups.
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    TPE trainee drivers

    Indeed you will get there! It’s been a ridiculously hard time to get on the railway as it is.
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    TPE trainee drivers

    Even better to be honest. I am doing my second lot of front end turns now and I can honestly say I will be doing this for the rest of my life. The knowledge you require is something to be proud of and the sheer skill from my DI, knowing every little thing for hundreds of miles of line is...
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    TPE trainee drivers

    I hope it goes well for you! I am still shocked they pulled it as they are about to do some major upgrades and then more than likely advertise again!
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    TPE trainee drivers

    That’s a shame @CreamNCookies. Did you manage to get onto the railway in the end?
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    TPE trainee drivers

    That’s a shame. I am surprised they are pulling the plug with the upgrades on the horizon.
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    Northern Trainee Drivers - Newcastle & Darlington (25/03/21)

    I passed the tests to ‘enhanced’ twice. The first time was with then Virgin Trains. I then thought that having them would put me in a good position to get a drivers job. So I applied to other Driver roles that popped up for a few years. Each time I failed. Because my application was not strong...
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    Does walking throughout a moving train class as working on a moving platform?

    Awesome XD This one gave me a right chuckle!
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    Ex Cops who have go on to be Drivers

    I am currently on a training course of 10 and 3 or 4 of them are ex police. I think there must be a reason so many police move away from it to be a driver. I know TPE has quite a few. From what I can tell the ex police drivers I have spoken to they all say it’s the best decision they ever made...
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    ‘Driver’ isn’t the only job on the railway

    It starts at 24k for 8 weeks then reverts to full pay of £58k. I do realise how fortunate I am to be in the position of only starting my training and being paid a full wage while some of my old colleagues have been drivers are not anywhere near that.