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    Vague moments for line-bashing devotees?

    You're not alone. This has always been my main interest, and still is. And, like you, there are a few elements of vagueness in my memory, record-keeping having often perished over c.30 house moves, plus information never kept because, for various personal reasons, I wasn't paying attention. Some...
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    Openable windows on VEPs

    Yes, perhaps when the orange curtains were removed? The latter made quite good flags if tempted towards those windows.
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    Motive power in Wessex area in the 1980s

    The Brighton - Exeter Hastings demus were brought in from (iirc) the summer timetable change. I think at that time there had been no Brighton - West Country service since the end of steam to Plymouth - certainly the train was trumpeted as a novelty at the time. The formation was 2 x 6B, I think...
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    Waterloo station 1940s short film

    Fabulous, thank you for posting.
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    Southern Thumper

    Here's my pic from 2004 with both: https://www.flickr.com/photos/johnnyrooke/2699067120/in/photolist-57vqRA-57vqA5-57vqC1-byuRTj-57vqGj-byuRpq