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    Northwich Station Roof Collapse - 18/05/2021

    Here is a picture I took from the train this afternoon. It looks like the booking office wall is being insulated, and re faced (in matching bricks), I assume this is now going to be an outside wall with, perhaps, some sort of steel and glass shelter/waiting room/booking hall attached.
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    Station Names on Platform Lights

    I forgot the two on display at the NRM. Obviously from two different era's looking at the type face used.
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    Station Names on Platform Lights

    Chester has, I think 23 in total, all on the disused (to passenger trains) platform 1. They all look well maintained, not seen them after dark so not sure if they all work but presumably they do. There are 3 at Manchester Oxford Road, all attached to the lift shaft towers at the Piccadilly end...
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    Anthracite as a locomotive fuel

    I seem to recall that the locomotives of the Metropolitan and District railways in London both burnt anthracite in the years prior to electrification, c1905. Anthracite was used (previously it was coke) simply because of the underground running on the Circle line, and branches, and a 'clean'...
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    Northwich Station Roof Collapse - 18/05/2021

    Thanks for the street view image. Looking closely at it, it appears (to my eye at least) that the gable end nearest the camera is leaning towards the platform/canopy, compared with the the gable end furthest from the camera although I admit it might just be the camera angle. There is also a gap...
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    The Clergy and Railways. ..........

    The railway author V L Whitchurch (1868-1933) wrote several 'Stories of the railway' for The Strand magazine, involving a Sherlock Holmes type character called Thorp Hazel. Whitchurch, who lived in Bognor Regis had been a Parson but later went on to be Canon of Christ Church College, Oxford.
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    Any first person anecdotes of the APT

    My everlasting memory of the APT is, I'm afraid, not a good one. Working on the railway and being interested in railway matters not associated with our department (S&T) the opportunity for staff to travel on it prior to it being put into revenue service (I think) was very attractive. The chap I...
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    Standard units for railway installs?

    Glad to hear it. I've finished now but up to that point pretty much everyone hated WAGO links. Seemed to be change for change sake, like the rest of the railway I suppose. Some trendy (expensive) product sold to some 'manager' who never had to deal with them no doubt.
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    What's your favourite railway book?

    One of my favourite, perhaps all time favourite, railway books is 'Footplate and signal cabin' by Norman Marlow and published in 1956. Norman was a lecturer at Manchester University. The first half of the book is devoted to his railway memories as a boy growing up near to the Midland main line...
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    What historic livery is this?

    There are some very funny replies on this thread which really gave me a good laugh, and believe me I could do with some at the moment so thanks. On the subject of the mint 'Pacers' weren't they originally marketed as 'Opal mints', or did I imagine it? I'm not a big mint lover but thought they...
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    Ais Gill Railway Collision 1995 (Cumbria)

    Many thanks, will take a look next time I'm there.
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    Ais Gill Railway Collision 1995 (Cumbria)

    Can someone tell me where about on the station it is? I only use Leeds station 2 or 3 times a year so not too familiar with it. Thanks in anticipation.
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    Cracked skin on fingers.

    Yes I to have this problem but only in recent years (Winter time) as I've got older and yes I have found that 'O'Keeffs working hands' is great and use it two or three times a week. By far the best thing I've found and would recommend it.
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    Timetable with actual down and up

    I recall reading somewhere that the old stagecoach routes that radiated out from London (and I assume other big cities) were divided in to the 'upper','middle' and 'lower' grounds with the upper sections near to or in London hence wherever you were travelling from, if you were heading to London...
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    Station Cats

    I lived in a station house for over 30 years and when we moved there in 1969 we brought our cat 'Fluff' (not very original I know!) with us. Lovely friendly cat and although he never went on to the platform (it was and still is a working station) he did like a wander round the old goods yard...
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    What are the strange structures in this photo?

    Yes an amazing model. Great atmosphere, especially liked the 16t mineral wagons in the coal yard. They really do look rusty, if you see what I mean.
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    What are the strange structures in this photo?

    Forgot to say that the house in question is at a right angle to the fence and has two gable end windows facing the railway, the openings to which appear to be original. It was directly opposite (but not behind) the signal box so not certain if that had any bearing on things. There are other...
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    What are the strange structures in this photo?

    Interesting topic and EASTDYKE's comment reminded my of something I was told some years ago. I once interviewed an old retired station porter who told me that one day, some time in the 1920's he was told to call at a particular house (an end terrace whose gable end faced the line) that backed on...
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    1920s / 30s first-hand memories -- "last call"?

    Sorry about the long delay in posting. Your probably right Calthrop, some as you say probably hated it. I seem to recall one chap who pretty much said so. Consequently although I had a short chat he would not agree to an interview. This was one I had forgotten until you mentioned it. I did...
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    1920s / 30s first-hand memories -- "last call"?

    Many thanks Rover for the advice regarding using modern tech to improve my recordings. Something I will pursue. Calthrop, I realize now that you were referring to all gauges and not just NG, sorry about that. I do see the appeal of NG and realize that many systems vanished many years before we...