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    Travel via Brighton doubling back via Preston Park

    If you're travelling today (25th) or tomorrow (26th), the direct line between Hove & Brighton is closed. Thus, if you're travelling along the coast toward Brighton, you'll need to change at Preston Park for Brighton. You can then continue to Burgess Hill later. You could instead alight at Hove...
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    Rail Replacement Shortages due to HGV driver shortages

    Anyone who is interested in the view from the bus operators' (and drivers') side may wish to read the well-established thread discussing the PCV driver shortage issues in our Bus & Coach Forum. Some food for thought there. (apologies to SCH117X - this post just happens to be the first in the...
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    Bus Driver Shortages

    A couple of conversations I've had recently might be of interest: There have been drivers still on furlough up to this point, and it transpires that when those drivers were brought off furlough, to bring services up to last 10-20 duties, some of these handed in their notice If you're a new...
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    Employee/Work Shuttles

    A few that spring to mind: Swindon's Bus Company run a network of routes for the Nationwide Building Society's Croft Campus Plymouth Citybus' 21 and 21A provide service from the city centre to the EE/BT contact centre at Chaddlewood with specific staff arrangements Carousel are contracted to...
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    Trivia: Bus Depots/Garages Difficult to Reach by Public Transport

    Oxford has a much less ostentatious but seemingly well organised staff shuttle which can be spotted in-between the city centre and Cowley House! I presume the X11 has some funding from BMW. [/tangent]
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    What data feed does Google Maps use?

    Just to ward off some of the hearsay, Tom is correct. Probably the correct course of action is to report findings to Google, who will pass it straight on to ito world so the problem can be looked into. I'm not sure if ito world use a wider range of sources than Darwin, nor which of the Darwin...
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    Oxford SmartZone bus ticket

    I'll duck the first question. The answer to the second question is yes.
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    Oxford SmartZone bus ticket

    Hi py_megapixel, Unfortunately you won't be able to have the ticket loaded to your existing smartcard. However, the Oxford Bus Company travel shop will print you a "thekey" card with the ticket, though there's a £5 charge for the card if you buy in person. As Alex27 mentions, it's free when...
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    Why should government bail out profiteering

    For a bit of levity, I for one am not against a good metaphor and there's plenty to like about steak. Moving swiftly on... I'm not usually one to chip in on these arguments, but "bailing out" seems a bit of a undercooked take. Rare, you could say. Three points: It's highly likely that, without...
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    Go Ahead bus links

    Going through the list of National Rail Bus Links, the National Rail ticketed destinations (with routes and railheads) I can identify are: Abingdon (Oxford Bus company X3/X13 via Oxford, Thames Travel X2, via Didcot) Blandford (morebus X8 via Poole) Callington (Plymouth Citybus 12 via Plymouth)...
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    London Terminals

    To polish this one off, a wee note about the asterisk: it's a holdover from the days of APTIS...
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    Dorking ticket for Reigate

    Yes, you can purchase a Dorking - London Terminals ticket on the key, and it is accepted: between Deepdene and Redhill on GWR between Leatherhead and London Waterloo (via Wimbledon) on SWT between West Croydon / Crystal Palace and New Cross Gate on London Overground South West Trains /...
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    London Victoria platform 13 for non-Gatwick Express services

    People arriving into Vic were not being required to tap this morning on arrival, so I would expect this is the sort of thing where TfL can auto-complete journeys:
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    Brighton > London Terminals query

    Tickets from Great Northern stations to a named station in the Thameslink core (e.g. Farringdon, City Thameslink, London Blackfriars, London Bridge*, and Elephant & Castle) are routed "via City Thameslink" or "Not Underground", with the passenger expected to walk from King's Cross to St...
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    Cupar: the poor relation when it comes to tickets?

    If the King's Cross restriction is the deal-breaker, would you consider leaving from London Euston instead? The 1K restriction on return travel from Euston would allow travel on the 15:30 and 16:30 departures, albeit with the extended journey times and changes at Preston/Carlisle & Haymarket.
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    Refund Vs Changeover Request

    Changeover: Old ticket price (A) = £1956 New ticket price (B) = £952* [*This is the 2016 price, so the calculation will be slightly out, as the changeover will use the 2015 price.] Divide each by 365 to obtain the base rate for each ticket A ÷ 365 = £5.36 (C) B ÷ 365 = £2.61 (D)...
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    List of PERTIS Machines

    Balcombe still has one producing tickets on the down platform. Prints as "BALCOMBE".
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    Southern remove advance fares on East Coastway trains after 21.30

    To confirm Arctic Troll's comment, see attached screenshot from National Rail Enquiries It's worth noting that the NRE booking horizons page shows that tickets are only available to 04/12/15, while other TOCs are booking well into January, so Southern may well be holding back over what will...
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    Booking office pay: what is it, and does it reflect the complexity of some requests?

    Speaking for one Home Counties TOC, full time salary (after initial training) is ~£22,000, with additional money available for those working night shifts, and excluding Sundays, which pay 1.5x the hourly rate. So, you earn your salary, but usually will be rostered for a certain number of...
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    Penzance to Gatwick Airport - advice welcome

    Pick up there is less of a hassle, with space outside the station available just off Haslett Avenue for pick ups. As Stats mentioned, the Reading - Gatwick service arrives at Gatwick on Platform 2. Trains to Three Bridges leave from Platforms 3 or 7, and I'd recommend heading to Platform 3...