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  1. SargeNpton

    Euston Platforms 8-11

    News from Network Rail that it is to improve access to platforms 8-11 at Euston, which suffer terribly from overcrowding at times. Hopefully, this will be reversing the awful change made 20 or so years ago... Multi-million-pound platform access improvements for Euston passengers...
  2. SargeNpton

    [Trivia] Stations on private land

    In the last couple of years three stations have either closed, or been mothballed, that are located on private land: Newhaven Marine, IBM Halt and Redcar British Steel. That got me to thinking about how many other stations could have their services withdrawn if the landowner closed off access...
  3. SargeNpton

    Weymouth Quay window sticker

    Having a tidy-up at home and came across this. No idea where I acquired it from. As it's unused I doubt that it was from my sole trip to the quay.
  4. SargeNpton

    Signalling at Barbican

    I'm not that familiar with London Underground signalling, but there is one thing at Barbican that puzzles me. At the west end of the westbound platform there is a small box in the four-foot that contains two flashing orange lights. These flash whether or not there is a train in the station, and...