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    Driver jobs - interview

    Hi all I am in the talent pool for one company and got a DMI this week for another. Today I was dismissed from my job of 6 years for gross misconduct for an incident that occurred out of work. It was my error at the end of the day. Is there any point in me progressing with this interview...
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    Rail enforcement officer - GTR

    Just had an interview for the above position. Does anyone have any idea of the current shift pattern. I’ve just been told it’s a mix of earlies and Lates. thanks.
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    Passenger numbers

    Since the COVID situation, the numbers of passengers using the trains has greatly reduced. Down to around 4% when lockdown was first introduced and a week or so ago was still only around 30% of pre lock down. Do you think passenger numbers will be back to normal anytime soon?
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    Coronavirus and running

    Hi Probably a random question but earlier I was out running on a pavement wide enough that two people could walk on when someone was walking towards me. She started shouting at me and demanded that I cross the road. I asked who had put her in charge and stated that she clearly knew she was...
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    Db cargo

    I have a DMI for dB Cargo next week for a trainee driver. Looking on the aslef website it looks like a great place to work, 52k, 32 hour working week, 33 days Annual leave. Assuming they have a pension scheme? Does anyone have experience of working for them? the only concern I have is how...
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    DB Cargo - barking

    Hi, Has anyone else applied for this role and got anywhere? I got told in December that because I had already passed the opc assessments they would be in touch to arrange the dmi but so far nothing. Is this usual for dB? this is for the trainee driver btw thanks.
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    c2c talent pool

    Hi is anyone else in the talent pool for the c2c shunter driver position? The 2019/2020 one. I understand there is no guarantee of a job but does anyone know realistically how long I am looking at before a job comes up?
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    Freight company vs TOC

    Hi all I am now in the talent pool for c2c and a freight company. What are the pros and cons to each? And is it advisable to go for the first one that comes up? the thing that concerns me with the freight company is if there are issues after brexit then will they start laying off drivers? thanks.
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    MMI interview

    Hi I have my stage 2 next week and had a quick query regarding the interview. how much detail are they looking for in your answers? And are they looking for specific examples or as long as you cover the question that is sufficient? thanks.
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    Hi I sat my part 1 assessments today - group bourdon, trp 1 and 2 and tea-occ. In relation to trp 1 (memory) and trp 2 (the dials) do you have to answer every question right to receive a pass? Also, on the tea-occ where you are scanning a phone book, one of which you are listening to tones...
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    Shunt driver for c2c

    Hi i’m New here and am due to attend an assessment for the trainee shunt driver position for c2c at the East Ham depot. Does anyone know the salary for this position. Also I am under the impression from the advert that I initially applied for that it is fairly easy to progress to mainline...