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  1. ARIC

    How has the Manchester Metrolink impacted Manchester's satellite towns?

    Oh nice! I'd never been able to get someone to sell me one from Coventry or Stoke in the past, so assumed they didn't exist, and they aren't listed on the TfGM website so gave up trying! Will definitely recommend these for visitors in the future.
  2. ARIC

    How has the Manchester Metrolink impacted Manchester's satellite towns?

    Is it that bad? £3.90 for a journey between towns 13 miles apart as the crow flies, 17 miles when routed through Manchester? A journey from Manchester to Alderley Edge, same distance, but a much more direct route is more like £6 each way! In fact, a few random searches for towns 13-17 miles...
  3. ARIC

    How has the Manchester Metrolink impacted Manchester's satellite towns?

    It is available either way, but no, no through ticketing from outside GM.
  4. ARIC

    Debit card handed to station staff - next steps of the staff?

    If your card is lost or stolen, advice is to ring immediately and have it cancelled, not to spend time looking for it. I'd hope anyone who found mine would destroy it, not leave potentially unlimited access to my bank account out of my hands!
  5. ARIC

    Protestor climbs aboard train to power station

    A BBC news article ≠ "no impact" In fact I don't know where this idea of protests solely being about "stopping something from happening at that particular time and place", and if it doesn't achieve that it's billed as being a failure, has come from? This absolute nobody has managed to get a...
  6. ARIC

    Manchester Recovery Taskforce (timetable) consultation

    There's always this weird view that Victoria is out in the sticks - it's a shorter walk to Primark (and indeed the entire retail heart of Manchester) than Piccadilly, and it's an equal walking time to the centre of NQ from both too. There's a lot that can be done to highlight that Victoria...
  7. ARIC

    Stations rebranded to Great British Railways design / Rail Alphabet 2

    I think it's a pretty out of date term for...well...food and drink. I much prefer straight-to-the-point and clear terms on signage. I'm sure "Toilets" hasn't always been the term of choice too, but things move on, in this case I feel for the better.
  8. ARIC

    New Logo for Northern Trains LTD

    The issue in my eyes is it doesn't achieve that goal - the typeface used for the wording is far less connected to the Arriva period than the "frowning face" - and the "by Arriva" strapline always blended in to the background. Front and centre in the minds of people to whom you'd like to assure...
  9. ARIC

    Drop in passenger numbers sees train services cut

    At the "peak" of swine flu we were seeing around 5 deaths a day. When the UK was at that level of fatalities from COVID-19, we were simply being told to wash our hands. Now we're seeing nearly 600 fatalities in one day. So of course we're seeing stronger measures in place to combat it. Take...
  10. ARIC

    Using trains to travel to work

    Do you have any proof you work for the employer, say an ID badge or wage slip? And is it obvious from the name/ID that it's an employer that has essential staff?
  11. ARIC

    Fitbits/Smart watches etc.

    I can 100% recommend the TicWatch C2 - a great size (not a monster like some others), Google Pay, a nice shortcut button to add your own favourite app, and a really decent price :smile: EDIT - I will second the point made in the post below this, if battery life is important to you, you'll...
  12. ARIC

    Government advice discussion

    Very wooly when it comes to social distancing guidelines from first look - avoid restaurants, pubs and theatres "where possible" - when is it impossible to avoid being a customer of these places?
  13. ARIC

    What happened to tram route numbers?

    I know Metrolink trialled both letters and numbers (and I'm sure at one point there were different numbers for different directions on the map), but then they were dropped. I'm not sure they really utilised them other than on the maps themselves. The current colours only seem to feature on the...