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    [Trivia] Paint Colours/Livery Descriptions

    There is something about paint colours that just defy simple explanation: have you tried buying a tin of "white" paint recently? From Moonlight White to Urban Jungle (green), Sugar Sweet (pink) to Delicate Blossom (beige?), there are always wild and wacky descriptors. This got me thinking about...
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    Publicity/Bus Stops in major urban areas

    There have been some recent posts on the London news thread regarding bus stop publicity, maps, etc., but I didn't want to take that one off topic. I thought about limiting this to the "PTE" areas [PTE = Public Transport Executive... in inverted commas because I can't remember what they are...
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    When is a child, not a child?

    A local paper recently carried a story about lost tourist attractions, and one such was 'illustrated' with an advert (dating sometime between 1934 and 1959) detailing bus connections. What also caught my attention, though, was that this attraction considered a child to be aged between 1 and 12...
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    What constitutes a "system"?

    I started writing this in the private versus public ownership thread, but thought it was a bit too off-topic to continue there. The need for "a system" is often mentioned, but what do people regard as being part of that? You are right in the number of bus routes that run into the very centre...
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    Manchester - Liverpool - all routes?

    Usually I stick to the bus side of the forum, this is my first post on the rail side. I am travelling to Manchester in April and intend on having a day out in Liverpool, having first done the requisite bus-related things in Eccles and at the Trafford Centre. I will be in GM for the week on a...