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  1. Blinkbonny

    Avanti Delay Repay Experience...

    The problem with having a little bit of knowledge of railway matters means that friends and relatives often ask for advice. Glad to help as far as my knowledge allows - but of course there's no allowing for what they might actually experience! My young nephew, low-waged, was desirous of...
  2. Blinkbonny

    16-25 3 Year Railcard latest age you can buy it at?

    Is it the day before your 24th birthday or your 25th ? Also are Trainline offering their discount on 3 year cards? I suspect not. Thanks for any info. Can't seem to quickly find it myself. Being hassled by a nephew. The perils of being known as a rail enthusiast! :rolleyes:
  3. Blinkbonny

    John Axon - Radio Ballads

    Heard this a long time ago, but recently rediscovered it. It's probably been mentioned here before - but for anybody that's never heard it then they're in for a treat. The Ballad of John Axon
  4. Blinkbonny

    DELAY REPAY: Do you claim the "Splitting Fee?"

    As it says really. Recently had a 100% claim for a split-ticket journey delayed for over an hour. Should I just claim the ticket prices, or is it acceptable to claim Trainsplit's commission also? After all, by using a split I have saved the TOC money in this instance.
  5. Blinkbonny

    Buses over the Humber Bridge?

    Off to Hull for a few days next week, courtesy of Northern's £1 fares and one thing I want to do is go across the Humber Bridge. Anybody know if there are any bus services over it? Or any general tips where to head for, what to do etc?
  6. Blinkbonny

    No Acknowledgement from Cross Country Delay Repay

    I made a claim for a slightly convoluted return journey from Bristol to Coventry on 16th August. I arrived at New Street around 40 minutes late (that much is simple enough - though obviously I split at Cheltenham) This delay meant I missed my Coventry connection and the next train got me there...
  7. Blinkbonny

    Nearly Caught Out by Expired Disabled Railcard

    Just booked my wife Coventry to Bath and Return. Blithely ticked Disabled Railcard of course as she's had one for several years. Thanks to the many instances on this Forum, it suddenly occurred to me to check it - and sure enough it expired last March. Should be more careful, you might think...
  8. Blinkbonny

    Complimentary Newspapers

    Thought about that thread where it was discussed (at length!) about whether it was okay for standard passengers to "steal" them. I'm on a First Class jolly to Blackpool today and of course no sight nor sound of one - and hasn't been for fifteen months and more. Yet all that while Metros have...
  9. Blinkbonny

    Incident at Ticket Block

    I witnessed a somewhat disturbing scene at a station this week whilst out on my travels. Waiting to get off the train I was alongside a young woman who saw I was looking for a litter bin and remarked that they don't seem to have them on the trains any more. I bemoaned that fact and got of at the...
  10. Blinkbonny

    Sign of the Times (Kenilworth)

    At Kenilworth today to pick-up a pre-ordered TOD for a Coventry departure. Chalk board outside saying "Don't Use The Internet for Tickets, Buy them Here - While you still can!" Made me feel quite guilty, though it did occur to me that it would probably help if any trains had actually stopped...
  11. Blinkbonny

    Curzon Street Roundhouse

    Anybody know what is happening to the Curzon Street Victorian Roundhouse foundations that were uncovered next to the line into New Street? Pre-pandemic I greatly enjoyed watching it being slowly uncovered, and perhaps somewhat naively assumed it was there to stay. But travelling this week it...
  12. Blinkbonny

    Is Trainsplit down?

    I can see journeys, but I can't get an itinerary or book anything. Been like that for over 24 hours for me. 1607876003 The app appears to work, but can't tailor journeys like on the website.
  13. Blinkbonny

    The Severn Beach Line

    Got a trip lined up tomorrow to visit the Severn Beach Line. I'm only going as I've got a friend down there and I thought here's a chance to get off my usual beaten track. I wasn't expecting much - but looking in an old guide it makes the claim: " the Severn Beach line is held by some to be...
  14. Blinkbonny

    Which Site mails you when Advances become available?

    I remember there is one that emails you when they become available, but I've forgotten which. They seem to be working to a different availability window to when I last booked. Is that right?
  15. Blinkbonny

    Station Suffixes

    Hi Trying to come up with a quiz on station suffixes that have now disappeared, although the station remains. Struggling a little off the top of my head. So far I've got: Bank Top Citadel Castle St Marks Thorpe I'm sure you've got a couple of hundred more. Appreciate it. Thanks. P.S. Did...
  16. Blinkbonny

    Crewe to "Manchester Stations"

    I've got an advance ticket Crewe to Manchester and just assumed I would have to go to Piccadilly, but what does the wording "Manchester Stations" mean? Does it give further options? I want to get to Victoria and thought I would need to catch a tram, but the wording implies not.
  17. Blinkbonny

    Coventry to Spalding disrupted journey (complex issue)

    Here's a complicated one if anybody fancies having a go at it. My son was wishing to travel from Coventry to Spalding yesterday, coming back today. It didn't seem possible as I assume there is no service from Spalding on Sundays. I told him to travel to Spalding on Saturday but would have to...
  18. Blinkbonny

    Ticket Restriction to Lichfield Trent Valley

    Whilst buying a Day return from Blake Street to Lichfield TV (Two stops - ten minute journey. £2.70) from the machine at New Street, I was astounded to be informed that my ticket was not valid via Southsea Hoverport! Well, that was my day's travel scuppered, I can tell you, and obviously I...
  19. Blinkbonny

    Auto Delay Repay to the Rescue

    Every time I go to Lancaster something seems to go wrong - so obviously I was up there on Wednesday attempting to travel back to the West Midlands. I was killing time before catching the 14.57 Virgin, queuing to buy a ticket for the Castle Guided Tour, when at 12.15 I got a text advising me my...
  20. Blinkbonny

    BBC Archive "Back to School" (1949)

    Reminiscent of the Evacuee trains, but an aspect of a different world: https://www.bbc.co.uk/archive/back-to-school-for-boarders/z6j747h