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  1. AC47461

    Westerfield Level Crossing

    Hi all, Question (or perhaps questions) for the signallers / others with technical and operational knowhow. I am a bit puzzled. Today I took my boys to around Ipswich to see a bit of (mostly) freight on the Felixstowe branch and after an hour at Levington we went to Westerfield. Just as we...
  2. AC47461

    Weekend trip to Glasgow

    I'm looking to book a trip to Glasgow some time soon (within the next 3 months or so) to do some class 314 hunting (amongst other things) but am a bit puzzled about the 'Advanced' fares and when they appear for booking. Although I know from a friend they start around £33 single (and yes, I guess...
  3. AC47461

    Colas 37s on NR measurement train

    Hi all, not sure if this is the right part of the forum to ask this. Whilst watching the trains go by for an hour about a mile south of Hatfield Peverel on the GEML yesterday I was pleasantly surprised when Colas liveried 37175 & 37219 growled past going south on an NR measurement train. I...