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    Does HS2 benefit Northamptonshire?

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #24 originally in this thread. I live in Northamptonshire which is being dug up to build the first phase of HS2 and from which we get precisely no benefit. No shiny new trains, no new faster service to London. So I'd think very carefully about your complaint - HS 2 almost...
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    Are the users of "Intercity" TOCs primarily long distance travelers or commuters?

    moderator note: posts #1-#3 originally in this thread. I think you're mistaken about Avanti - there are quite alot of areas where they absolutely *are* providing a commuter railway, among others: Macclesfield and Stoke to Manchester Rugby and Coventry to Birmingham Rugby and Milton Keynes to...
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    Automatic Gearboxes

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #19 originally in this thread. Doesn't work with an auto though. And with the increase in electric cars which have what are effectively gearless gearboxes - think CVT - then that approach really doesn't work.
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    Centrebus Corby

    Centrebus's depot in Corby closes this weekend - announced about 6 weeks ago. Looks like most of the routes have found new contractors, couple of surprises in there: The Wellingborough local W8 is going to be operated by Grant Palmer - that's quite a distance from their Luton area base. The...
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    Alexander RL decker - in NBC livery?

    Anyone know who is operating an Alexander RL double decker decked out in NBC red livery in the Milton Keynes area? Seen it a couple of times now but going the opposite way on a dual carriageway. There are no fleetnames on it - though it does have NBC 'double arrow' logos.
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    Northern City Line disruption 19.07.19

    GN are saying 'major disruption' between Finsbury Park and Moorgate / Kings Cross with no services on the NCL. Anyone know what's going on?
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    MML closed - lineside fire

    Currently MML closed due to a lineside fire north of Wellingborough. Looks like EMT running London to Wellingboro and Kettering to Leicester and beyond. Lots of ticket acceptance in place.
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    Shortened / lengthened buses

    Taking on the post about double-deck conversions to single deck - what examples were there of buses which have been shortened or lengthened? I know Midland Red shortened some of its Plaxton bodied Ford R192s into midi buses by chopping a length out of the middle. Also aware of the odd RML / RM...
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    Oxfordshire Day Ranger - should it be updated

    Just looking at the Oxfordshire Day Ranger - and now that Chiltern run into Oxford am I the only one who thinks this Ranger could do with an update in its validity to include Bicester - both Bicester North - Banbury and Bicester Village to Oxford in its validity? It would only be adding...
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    Uno bus fire

    Looks like a Citaro ? https://www.whtimes.co.uk/news/shenley-uno-bus-fire-1-5904878
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    EMT London services 24th December

    Just noticed EMT's timetable for the London services today. Understand there's engineering work - but it does seem strange to run to Kettering then to Corby and run the rail replacement buses from Corby to Wellingborough and Bedford given Corby's about 8 miles further up the road than Kettering...
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    Luton bus crash 10/04

    http://www.itv.com/news/anglia/update/2018-04-10/reports-of-crash-involving-two-buses-in-luton/ Looks like Centrebus and Grant Palmer vehicles involved.
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    Hydrogen as a fuel source for trains

    Mod note: split from https://www.railforums.co.uk/threads/mml-electrification.110445/ That said, I'm more sympathetic to your point about the alternative technologies - it's what's being looked at for virtually every other form of transport at present. Yes electrification may be one answer...
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    Suggestion for fare differentials to alleviate overcrowding between Bedford/Milton Keynes & London

    Moderators note: split from Porterbrook Cl.769 'Flex' trains from 319s, initially for Northern I'm hoping that someone will see sense soon and split Bedford's ticketing to being TL only, EMT only or any route and close the 'gap' in fares to deter the use of EMT services at Bedford and lessen...
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    Credentials & suitability of cabinet ministers

    Moderator note: split from 'MML Electrification' Not always a recommendation though. After all, the last Labour government had an Education Secretary who was a former teacher and she was pretty hopeless - though to be fair not as hopeless as the current Shadow Education Secretary who manages...
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    Z&S Aylesbury

    Is something happening to Z&S at Aylesbury? They seem to have lost or surrendered all their contracts around MK and Northampton - Vale Travel and Red Rose seem to have been picking up the routes.
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    Impact of OHLE on scenery

    Question - has there ever been an effort to mitigate or minimise the impact of OHLE equipment on the landscape? Reason for asking is a friend happened to mention he thought that back in the 70s or early 80s the masts etc had been painted a green colour on the West Anglia line to Cambridge -...
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    Rovers and Friends / Family Railcard

    Am I the only one who thinks it odd and not entirely reasonable that a number of the Rail Rovers offer a discount for the '2 Together' railcard but not the Friends and Family? Take the East Mids Day Ranger for example. Usual Adult price £ 36.30, Child price £ 18.15. There's no family...
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    What was this (Class 345 test run)

    http://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/train/R72419/2017/04/18/advanced What was the EMU in this ? Not one I've seen before...
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    Marston Vale 150s

    Unless I'm not paying attention properly - looks like the Marston Vale line only has 150s running on it today - no dogbox. Anyone know why?