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    Double SPAD near Crofton West Junction

    Ah! So, I strongly suspect the "problem" occurred in the yard before departure and in due course we will find out from the RAIB the reason why it had little or no train braking. Must be quite obvious for them to say that they are issuing a digest.
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    Great Western Railway Heathrow Express Class 387 Refittment and Service Updates

    December 2018 was the target completion date at one time. The cl.387 fleet was authorized with that in mind.
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    Great Western Railway Heathrow Express Class 387 Refittment and Service Updates

    Yes, the HeX consideration came much later, when the DfT realised there was nowhere else for the 332 fleet to go, having junked the Langley idea.
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    Disused Railways: Should tracks have been lifted in the 60s?

    The reason tracks were lifted and land sold off was to raise cash. As the pressures on the public sector emerged in the late 1950's/early 1960's, all nationalised industries were increasingly kept cash poor and had to liquidate surplus assets relatively quickly to help balance the books. On BR...
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    GWR Ocean Saloons

    Iirc, it wasn't the fact that they were wooden body framed that forced the GWS set off BR metals - there was a requirement that private coaches be effectively put on a BR style LHCS maintenance regime, including periodic lifting. The GWS thought that would not be cost effective for the amount of...
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    Was there a system to BR's original diesel numbering?

    That quote is a bit wrong. My immediate boss in 1979 was at the Board (working for the CM&EE) in the late sixties and was involved in the re-classification. Prior to that there were a number of different regional ways of classifying or identifying the fleet and it was done to try and sort that...
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    Will Open Access Operators return?

    They only qualify for the furlough scheme for their staff and they don't pay any track access charges if they are not running services. All other fixed costs, such as train leases, they are still liable for. They will be back.
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    Trivia: Post-1965 Services to and from Lincolnshire Stations That No longer exist

    The easiest two are the Kings Cross to Grimsby/Cleethorpes services that used to (up to 1970 when the East Lincs Line closed) call at Spalding and Boston. I used to travel on them fairly regularly between KX and Boston.
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    GWR operating short 'HSTGTi' sets (see diagrams section for workings)

    The MR article is out of date. It's moved on from an enquiry and DfT authorization is awaited. It is likely to be a three month delivery programme, with a set a month.
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    GWR operating short 'HSTGTi' sets (see diagrams section for workings)

    Just to be clear, GWR are retaining the 10 cl.150/2 units that would have gone if the extra services hadn't been authorized. They would have retained the other 10 for the Cornish branches so the total amount of cl.150/2 units they are leasing throughout DA3 is the existing 20. The cl.158...
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    GWR operating short 'HSTGTi' sets (see diagrams section for workings)

    Your understanding is a tiny bit off - DA3 doesn't have any extra HST sets committed. This scheme came up after the DA3 "bid" was submitted so is referred to in the new FA (as are the two extra sleeper cars) but the DfT is to decide this item as a post DA3 FA "Change". That process is well under...
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    BR Mk2 Fleet

    To keep all the mk 2 TSO/SO stock in one block of series numbers after the IIf build finished at 61XX. 62xx for the IId FO conversions, 64XX for the IIc FO conversions, 65xx for the IIc micro buffets, etc. The Mk 1 SO were 36xx because that was the nearest unused free block to the 37xx to 50xx...
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    Great Western Franchise Extension 2020 to?

    It's coupled 23m stock that I am referring to, not singles. You obviously don't get the coupler issue on a 153, nor do you have the cardan shaft issue.
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    GWR operating short 'HSTGTi' sets (see diagrams section for workings)

    No - the GTi sets would appear at the end of the year. The 158 stock won't become available for a long time yet but there are about a dozen EMR sets that would prove very suitable for GWR. The rest and the TFW sets less so.
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    Great Western Franchise Extension 2020 to?

    5 car Turbos are only for services like Pompey-Cardiff. SDO is the way forward for shorter platforms - manual local door operation, in my opinion, should be banned.
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    GWR operating short 'HSTGTi' sets (see diagrams section for workings)

    Yes, the years are rolling by too quickly as I get older! The number of extra sets being proposed is quite small - they are very expensive to convert and very expensive to run.
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    Great Western Franchise Extension 2020 to?

    There are two things being conflated here. The immediate need for the West is being satisfied by the 16 x 165/1 3 cars and possibly a very few more GTi sets (the latter is a decision with the DfT now and is extra to DA3). The possible lengthening of the Turbos is another project entirely. The...
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    GWR operating short 'HSTGTi' sets (see diagrams section for workings)

    The idea of creating more GTi sets is to ensure the cl.143 sets can be retired in Dec 2019 because, without the 769 cascade happening until the end of the year and 150001/2 going, GWR need 2 or 3 more to make that happen. They then can be put back into the mix for the additional services that...
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    Kings Cross station pub

    It had several names from it's 1980's incarnation - Coopers, York Tavern and then Duke of York are the ones I remember. I think it only closed when the station was rebuilt 10 or so years ago. It wasn't a great pub, iirc.
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    GWR Class 319 / 769 information & discussion.

    The extended turnrounds were also designed to accommodate the (eventual) opening of Reading Green Park and the number of units you would have needed for a basic 2 TPH service. Now it can be opened anytime without having to fundamentally alter the service.