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    Disused lines with cycle paths

    Parkland Walk - the line between Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace that was destined to be part of the Northern Line. Some interesting infrastructure still in situ, including a couple of viaducts, platforms, etc. And of course the tunnels through which the line ran to the surface station at...
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    TRIVIA: Are any services in violation of the Railway Regulation Act 1844? (specifically in speed)

    Stour Town branch is booked 3 minutes for the 62 chain journey (per RTT) - I make that 15.5mph. The afflictions mentioned by Sir Felix Pole that the Gunnislake branch suffers are absent and, whilst a steep gradient, it's hardly Everest. A flywheel-assisted 139 is more than capable of fighting...
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    I’m back amongst OpenTTD now my laptop is fixed. UKRS3 has just been released but that’s a little more like the original game’s train set with updated graphics. Iron Horse 2.5 is also excellent - fictional locos and wagons but with a very definite British Edge. I uploaded Alexandra Palace and...
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    Alphabetical displays in theatre route indicators.

    The U in this case presumably a hangover from the days when there was a down side bay at GH too...? If it matters, I’ve been on a terminating passenger service into 2 - does this not require a main aspect indication? (To answer your question it isn’t a fixed red) - to be fair it was during...
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    Foreshortened Termini

    Stourbridge Town - the original was on the site of the bus station. The old bus station still had the retaining wall, I think, but all swept away with the new one. Image from Wiki here...
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    Trivia: Railway stations with thoroughfare

    Aha! Many a time I've been coming back from drinks in the City late on a winter's night and am faced - whilst not exactly sure of foot - with an icy version of that to negotiate my way down to reach solid ground. Never gone over yet, but there's always time...!
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    Trivia: Railway stations with thoroughfare

    Harringay is a footbridge linking both sides of the railway with a station hanging off it (almost literally). Ditto Hornsey, although that feels bit more like a station with bridge access from both sides (EDIT: This sounds daft reading it back, but the two aren't the same, somehow! I think it's...
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    Stations to avoid and why

    There are still a few I’d not want to end up on alone after dark, even with London Overground refurbs meaning lighting is very good and there’s CCTV everywhere. Some of the eastern stations on the Goblin and the bottom of the Lea Valley, for example. I live in Harringay and use the mainline...
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    Stations to avoid and why

    Sure, but that rationale doesn't explain why you'd single out Preston station as a place where people not from the UK would feel unsafe. I did a fair amount of photting there in the late 2000s, including dark and cold evenings, and never had a problem. I am British though so I must be immune to...
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    Kings Cross ‘uncrossed’ Layout/Remodelling - Information and Updates

    Minor pedantry: they’ll be running empty from platform 2 to platform 3.
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    Ongar Aldwych and others

    Marvellous - thanks for sharing!
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    Stations to avoid and why

    I’m glad someone has spoken in its defence. Not much fun to be had on the high level platforms, but certainly the down end of the up low level platform offers an excellent point to photograph trains as they come around the curve. And I quite agree, its location in the cutting gives it a rather...
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    Unexpected trains as substitute traction.

    In a similar vein, I travelled on a London Midland 170 from Birmingham Snow Hill to Stourbridge Junction in the snow of that year. Turbostars weren't that uncommon through Stourbridge, but from Snow Hill they were - Tyseley must have chucked out whatever they could manage - I vividly remember...
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    Ongar Aldwych and others

    Yes I often think the same about the North London extremities of the Northern, Jubilee and Piccadilly Lines. Decidedly less “London” landscape they travel through. The Piccadilly between Oakwood and Cockfosters is bound to the north side by farmland. I imagine the Met is the same.
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    Are you an Essential Worker in London? If so, we want to hear from you

    Quite. Also, overall tube usage has been single figure percentages since the 22nd March. For the last week it's been 4-6%. I'm sure there will be areas and times where this isn't representative, but how can TfL justify running anywhere near a full service (or even half a service) with...
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    Has a train ever crashed into itself in the history of railways?

    Indeed - Captain Tyler from the Board of Trade referred to it at the time as "decidedly the worst railway accident" to happen in the country. Of interest is that it's more widely known as the Round Oak rail crash, despite the collision being the Brettell Lane side of Brierley Hill station - the...
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    Trivia: Less obvious stations on a through route where passenger services terminate/start

    Been a long time since I used SimSig, but I recall a Fridays Only relief train in Pascal Nadin’s excellent 1979-80 Carlisle timetable which terminated at Oxenholme, presumably for Lakes traffic. Pascal’s attention to detail on these matters was most meticulous, so I’d be surprised if it was...
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    Trivia: Less obvious stations on a through route where passenger services terminate/start

    the way it’s going that’s might all it ever be. If we’re saying Upper Holloway then we surely must include South Tottenham too :smile:
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    Trivia: Stations with surviving run-around loops?

    Enfield Town still has a ground frame between two of the lines. If I remember rightly, that may have outlived the actual crossover... Can’t recall accurately. EDIT: Nope, it’s still there.
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    Drop in passenger numbers sees train services cut

    Quite. Imagine they’ll all be quieter as of tomorrow, but you never know.