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  1. Peter Mugridge

    Class 306 AC Conversion

    Could this be a confusion with the later refurbishment of the 302s which was carried out at Eastleigh in the mid 1980s? Here's 302 308 being dragged west through Clapham Junction in 1983, off the West London Line connection and via East Putney.
  2. Peter Mugridge

    realistically how fast could trains get?

    From memory, they were looking to see how stable the various interfaces were at super high speeds and what the performance risks were at what speeds - all with a view to future development of high speed rail. The results should be available online somewhere; it's so long since i read about it...
  3. Peter Mugridge

    General Knowledge Quiz

    That's correct; he could pull tighter turns than anyone else without blacking out - a distinct advantage in a dogfight. Scramble, scramble, Gloster...
  4. Peter Mugridge

    General Knowledge Quiz

    Thank you; I will stick with a World War Two theme for my question: Douglas Bader had two big advantages over other fighter pilots as a result of his loss of his legs. Most famously was when he was shot down and his feet were trapped; he bailed out by releasing his artificial legs. What was...
  5. Peter Mugridge

    realistically how fast could trains get?

    It was also a test for the purposes of checking aerodynamics, the wheel / rail performance and the pantograph / wire performance.
  6. Peter Mugridge

    General Knowledge Quiz

    That was on a TV documentary a few months ago. It was to do with getting the Nazi rocket scientists out of Germany to America before the Russians got hold of them.
  7. Peter Mugridge

    Rail strikes discussion thread

    Thanks - any idea where the press get the £70 figure from? Making it up as per usual, I guess?
  8. Peter Mugridge

    Rail strikes discussion thread

    According to a number of press reports over the weekend, the strike pay the RMT is offering is £70 a day. If that is correct, with 40,000 staff involved in the strike, the £22 million strike fund the RMT was saying it has will only cover eight days of the strike - though obviously that depends...
  9. Peter Mugridge

    Southern Class 455 Withdrawal

    Many of the Southern 455s were re-fomed at some point. The ones that don't contain all their original vehicles are ( or were! ): 455 801 455 808 455 809 455 812 455 816 455 818 455 823 455 824 455 825 455 827 455 828 455 830 In addition, the driving trailers on 455 826 swapped ends at some point.
  10. Peter Mugridge

    "Covid rising in England" - let's stop the fear mongering

    The Government clearly isn't as worried as the media are - from 1st July, the virus statistics will only be reported weekly, not daily from Monday to Friday. One step closer to abolition altogether, I hope.
  11. Peter Mugridge

    Caledonian Sleeper carriages at Great Yarmouth: Awaiting scrapping?

    It's a Mk2 and no, several of the Mk2 / Mk3 fleet did receive the new livery while still in service.
  12. Peter Mugridge

    Heatwave what Heatwave ?

    Currently ( as I write this ) 30.6°C up here in my attic study. I have a vest on under my shirt...
  13. Peter Mugridge

    2022 New Track Coverage

    10/06/22 Harbour City - Media City Media City - Broadway 11/06/22 Bury Bolton Street - Heywood 12/06/22 Pomona - Trafford Centre
  14. Peter Mugridge

    2022 New Haulages

    11/06/22 34092 45 108 4232 4350 4996 35314 GWR 9580 Tram 3129 12/06/22 195 110 Trams 3126 3138
  15. Peter Mugridge

    Allocations on GWR Sleeper

    The Combined Volume shows 10588 to be at Wolverton, presumably as a source of spare parts as it has been there for several years.
  16. Peter Mugridge

    Track gradients around Sutton

    It was earned in first generation electric unit days; in leaf fall season they would often slip to a halt while coming up the gradient and it would be common practice to wait at the second signal for a clear run to ensure they wouldn't get held at the one just short of Sutton at the top of the...
  17. Peter Mugridge

    LUL All Grades Strike

    I think that'll be to do with shift times; isn't the usual wording for a strike something along the lines of the strikers not signing on for shifts which start during the hours of the dispute rather than for a strict 00.01 to 00.00 strike period?
  18. Peter Mugridge

    Southern Class 455 Withdrawal

    That was indeed 455 805 parked there that day; as it happened the wife and I were passing though en route to somewhere else and I grabbed this shot of it.
  19. Peter Mugridge

    The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway (Crossrail AKA Elizabeth Line)

    The Radio Times, I think ( I'm at work and it's at home ) has (R) by them, so they're repeats so I didn't mark them for viewing.
  20. Peter Mugridge

    ICE trains to St Pancras?

    It could well be the fares. Certainly pre-virus it was oftyen cheaper to go London to Paris via Paris on Air France, for example, that direct from Heathrow with any one of the regular carriers on that sector. The same applied for going via Amsterdam with KLM. Not just New York either -...