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    Time for a replacement vessel on Pentland Firth route in the Orkneys?

    A neighbour who who isn't an enormous transport enthusiast but does take a passing interest is just back from his holidays to Orkney. He went up with pentland ferries and loved it but came back with NorthLink as he wanted to take advantage of the limited overnight accommodation on board the MV...
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    Ongoing ScotRail disruption - Day to day discussion and updates.

    Hope it is ok to start this discussion, I notice and support the closing of the original thread on the current situation at ScotRail but thought a day today discussion and updates type channel might be helpful as in some parts of the country it's half term holidays and people might be visiting...
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    Could electrification via Dundee see the diversion of more services via Stirling?

    Moderator note: Split from Assuming this happens in the next 5 or 10 years this will be the end of intercity long-distance stuff travelling through Fife Everything will run on the juice via Stirling from...
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    Is catering available on Scotrail HSTs?

    Swingeing change of direction here but what catering facilities are currently being provided on long-distance workings? One of the big selling points of the HST was more storage space for for both perishable and non-perishable items, good quality fridges, the option of hot food being cooked on...
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    Is it possible that the new state owned Scotrail franchise will ditch the HST project when the franchise with Abellio ends?

    moderator note - split from this thread: And just in time for Abellio hand the keys back to transport Scotland for the new Scottish government at arm's-length company to come in and decide that the HST...
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    GTR Southern rejecting Delay Repays

    Hi all. First off I am not personally affected by this but am asking more out of a mix of kindness and shear desperation on behalf of people who post in the Southern Rail sufferrers group on Facebook which I and at least 1 other member of the forum that I know about are members of. There is...
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    Passenger Assist: What do staff think of it now and how could it be improved?

    Just off the phone after what feels like the millionth "How did you're journey go"?callback from 1 TOC's Assisted travel desk or another which by pure coincidence today came hot on the heals of the latest round of voluntary survays conducted by the ORR into how well the system does/doesnt work...
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    How DOO would have made a failure of pre booked passenger assist worse

    Hello all. Returning from London today on a lengthy and elaberat routing on multiple dirt cheep split advances one of those all to common failures of the system we all love to hate, i.e. passenger assist occured. The pre booked assistance to help me transfer from the Snow Hill Lines to the...
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    Anyone else having issues with TFL's Oyster/Contactless section of the website?

    Hi. Been having issues all afternoon trying to do anything on my online account. It will let me log in but am trying to top up/enable auto topup and it keeps spitting an error page. Is it a fault with my account or are others having issues too? Cheers.
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    Stansted Airport to Stonebridge Park LU/Travelodge Wembly/North Circular

    Hi all, planning ahead for Aug 17th. Flying into Stansted arriving at 08:25 and in the course of the day need to make a a 1 way journey into Central London, an as yet unknown number of most likely Z1 tube or bus trips but at a bare minimum Victoria/Charing X to South Kenzington and return and...
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    2020 accessibility compliant 158s/159s

    Hi all. I note that the 158s and 159s that have been PRM modified retain the as built disabled bog. Why is this when 156s, whos old bogs were/are also quite generously sized are having the horrid IMO round ones fitted? What has been done to the 158 and 159 ones to bring them in line? I...
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    Ferry Services, shipping and Maritime Discussion

    Hi. I know there is a few of us on here including me with various levels of interest in Ferry and shipping services, both UK domestic and services to mainland Europe so thought I would start a thread for discussion on routes, timetables, tunnage/fleat (including orders, refits/refurbs...
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    Gretna JN to Kilmarnock summer 2017 closure

    Appologies if already covered but I note this stretch is currently shut for works and will be til the 23rd. What are they doing this time out of interest? Is it a project or just general heavy maintainance? Cheers
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    caledonian Sleepers and All Line Rovers

    Hi all just wanting to check the correct rules Re the use of a 7 day Standard ALR in seated accommodation on the sleaper on the last day of validity. My rover starts this Friday the 23rd and ends the following Thursday the 29th and I want if possible to use it to return from Euston to...
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    The Praise for Transport Industry Staff and Companies

    Every member on here travels regularly on trains, trams, buses and of course other modes such as ferrys flights and the oft forgotten taxi to/from your final destination. We do get threads with foalk saying a well deserved thankyou to the men and women who make all these things work day in day...
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    Trivia: Shack scores just before or just after 00:00/24:00/Midnight

    Thought this might be interesting. In recent months, by pure coincidence I have scratched a new unvisited shack just before or just after midnight and have often wondered if this has happened to many others and if you count them as a score for the day thats just finished or the one thats just...
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    Waiting room at Crewe station. Open during the night?

    Hi all. As the title says really, is there an open waiting room at Crewe overnight, particularly Sunday through to Monday? Many thanks
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    Paper Day Travelcards including zones 7-9 (to avoid worrying about tapping in/out)

    To us old fassioned buggers who like paper when bashing I assume a Z1 9 travel card is needed? And can anyone remind me if these r quallifying for railcard discount? I seam to recall being advised Z9 wouldnt but I dont trust the person saying this.
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    Unusual Weekend First (WEF) upgrade question

    Hi all. Odd one here that I would love some advice on. I tend to be, as Im sure many others are the default person that ones close friends, family and associates ask rail related questions of. A fellow Blindy who like me holds a Scottish Blind Persons Travel Consession Pass which for the...
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    Smartphone assistance

    Hi all latecomer, mainly due to my disabilitty to the modern day smartphone eara, but with my trusty Nokia now showing its age, and the Wife storming ahead of me on her Android powered MotoG Im taking the plonge whilst my old phone still works, this will mean no huge pressure to swith over...