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  1. Kneedown

    OHLE clearances, and 25kv v 1500v dc.

    Been mulling this over for a while and thought I would open it up for opinion. It is apparent that one of the factors contributing to the increasing cost of electrifying lines, and the curtailment of some schemes, is due to increased clearance standards for the OHLE equipment, resulting in...
  2. Kneedown

    Armstrong Powerhouse Class 50 soundpack

    This sound package is designed for the RS class 50 which isn't available at present. Will it, or can it be made to work with the IHH class 50 which i have? I can't ask this over at UKtrainsim as discussion of IHH products is verboten. Cheers in advance.
  3. Kneedown

    Woodhead Route cycle path. Any dc relics?

    Well with Mrs Kneedown in Ibiza with the girls, leaving me with a few days of peaceful bliss, i decided to take the old mountain bike and do a bit of the old Woodhead Route, which i'd never got around to doing before. Parked up at Woodhead and had a blissful ride to Hadfield before returning...
  4. Kneedown

    Former Calverton Colliery Branch

    I've noticed a fair bit of track removal taking place only recently, and there is now work of some kind underway on the overbridge spanning the B683 between Bestwood Village and Papplewick. Does anyone know whats going on? Are they removing the bridge completely or doing it up for potential...
  5. Kneedown

    HS2 Who will run trains?

    Apologies if this has been covered before, but what is likely to happen as regards to who operates services on HS2? Will an entirely new, single TOC be formed, or will trains be run by a few existing TOC's in whatever form they are by then?
  6. Kneedown

    Adelante on low loader.

    On my merry way to Crewe sidings by taxi at 04.00 on Sat (12 Dec) I noticed two class 180 coaches on low loaders parked at the roundabout just off the M6 Jct16 (A500) Anyone any idea as to where they were headed? Sorry i didn't see any numbers, just a driving coach and what looked like one of...
  7. Kneedown

    Adonis "Teases" us about Electrification. A cynical election ploy maybe? :- "Vote Labour or your railway will forever be confined to the dark ages!"