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  1. rebmcr

    'Innovative' platform display at Edgware Road?

    Not my picture, but I've seen a claim that this is on display at Edgware Road station (presumably the Circle one). It appears to be a video feed of an LED platform indicator elsewhere on the station. Is it real? Is it current? Is it temporary (perhaps due to the 4LM works)?
  2. rebmcr

    Why don't trains in Great Britain use eddy current brakes?

    As I understand it, eddy current brakes have been routinely fitted to trains running in Germany since the 1990s. This technology uses an electromagnet to induce an electric field in the rails, the resistance of which produces braking force. Unlike the emergency electromagnet 'track brakes'...
  3. rebmcr

    City Widened Lines sidings

    Things have seemed very quiet on this project (to convert the former Thameslink tracks to Moorgate into stabling for the Metropolitan line) for a while, and as far as I am aware it's not yet open (indeed I believe the junction on the western end remains severed). What are the current plans for...
  4. rebmcr

    Unusual stock at Welwyn

    There's currently a Colas 37 making shunt moves around Welwyn Garden City sidings — it's too distant to make out clearly, but it appears to be push-pulling with a green Mk1 carriage, fitted with modern lighting. Can anyone offer more detail?
  5. rebmcr

    800 series problems: A rolling stock company of last resort?

    Moderator note: Split from Spin up a "ROSCO of Last Resort", take possession of the fleet, and dry-lease them to the (by then) Concession Operators, at no cost. Such a scenario would make the...
  6. rebmcr

    Mayor of London reopens 'metro rail to TfL' debate

    Having not seen a single peep from the Mayor's office about taking over franchised rail routes for over a year, this has popped up today. I find the timing very interesting, suggesting that Sadiq Khan believes that Chris Grayling is likely to be replaced soon as Secretary of State for Transport...
  7. rebmcr

    1992 Tube Stock ATO failure?

    This evening, my journey from North Acton to Stratford was aboard a train with 001 in the cab display, and acceleration was very strange and choppy throughout the journey. Was that likely to have been a train that had to be driven in manual mode? There were also many strange noises coming from...
  8. rebmcr

    Point-to-point season adding to existing zonal season?

    Hi all, I currently live and work in London, and so I have a Zones 1-2 Annual loaded on Oyster (which is fantastic value for my West Ham-North Acton journey, from the eastern Zone 2/3 Boundary all the way through Zone 1 to the Western Zone 2/3 Boundary). It runs until late December. It looks...
  9. rebmcr

    [CALLED OFF] Jubilee line strike called — Thurs 14 June It appears to be a re-run of the called-off strike of Weds 6 June — presumably the talks fell through. --------------------------------------------- Aaaaand it's off.
  10. rebmcr

    District line industrial action 2018-04-13

    Is this official? I'm not aware of it being announced?
  11. rebmcr

    Tramlink derailment Monday 2018-04-09

    Sparse details on TfL's status page (screenshotted for posterity): Upon some digging I found this Croydon Advertiser article with a quote from TfL that it was just a depot movement: I would have thought that 2016's derailment means a less-vague message on the status page would be a PR priority!
  12. rebmcr

    RMT call strike action on the Docklands Light Railway
  13. rebmcr

    Blue bodyside indicator light on S-Stock

    I never realised they were dual-colour, what does that one mean? I think I heard a lot of fan noise from the driving carriage of that train, is it something to do with de-icing equipment?
  14. rebmcr

    Door policy

    An S-Stock train I'm currently on is only releasing doors, rather than opening them. Is that a new policy? Is it controlled by a setting, or selected each time the Doors Open buttons are pressed?
  15. rebmcr

    Metrolink oops 2017-11-10
  16. rebmcr

    Bakerloo Line Extension to Lewisham

    TfL have today published their report on the consultations for the BLE.
  17. rebmcr

    National Rail lists ticket for almost £1m It seems overly coincidental that this was almost exactly £1m -- I wonder why that figure was available to subtract 2 from in the first place?
  18. rebmcr

    S Stock door locking

    At turnarounds involving non-passenger sidings (e.g. Amersham), a staff member walks the length of S Stock trains and locks out each set of doors as they pass by. This appears to be done with the internal door open button on the adjacent non-released door (the one not against the platform)...
  19. rebmcr

    Car stuck on Metrolink platform

    Apparently the car was involved in a police pursuit and drove up onto the platform, and three arrests were made. Edit:
  20. rebmcr


    I was thinking about Driver Only Operation (DOO) and the DLR sprang to mind. When the computer is driving, you have a single staff member on board, who is safety-critical and responsible for the Platform-Train Interface (PTI or 'doors'). That could be accurately described as Guard-Only...