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    Furness Line temporary “timetable”

    It’s not just the Hope Valley Line that Northern have messed up. The cancellation of both the 1550 (which starts back a Carlisle) and 1647 consecutive services from Barrow in Furness to Manchester Airport has messed up connections from the Furness Line to the Bentham Line at Carnforth/Lancaster...
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    Local Railcards - why limited to local residents?

    Looking at the local railcards available, it seems that nearly all are only available to people who are resident in the area. The Cotswold Line Railcard seems to be the exception. I wonder what the point of this restriction is and how it came...
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    Dales Railcard annual Winter Offer 2021/22. Not happening again?

    This was a long-standing offer, giving Dales Railcard (and some WYPTE pass) holders the chance to buy cheap day ranger tickets on the Settle & Carlisle and Bentham lines over the quieter winter months. The last time it ran was from 4th November 2019 to 4th April 2020. The 2020/21 offer was...
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    Merseyrail Family day ticket - City Line included.

    Not sure if this (new?) ticket has been posted on here. It isn’t listed on the website yet. £13 for the day, one or two adults with children (up to 5 people in total), excludes the morning peak Monday to Friday 0631-0929, disappointingly no railcard discounts. The big surprise is...
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    Longest Anytime Short Return

    Back in 2018, it was mentioned in a thread that the longest journey for which there was an Anytime Short Return (SHR) fare for was for a journey of 168 miles. I’ve just noticed that unfortunately these tickets have been...
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    Northern / Carlisle Security - unpaid fare, date of birth, threatened with penalty fare.

    (I am aware of this previous closed thread - Mods., merge if you think that is appropriate - ) This happened to me today, they've now got my date of birth on file, and I'm not happy about the way it...
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    Northern ticket vending machines - covert cameras.

    Not sure if this has been discussed before. Using a recently installed Northern TVM, I noticed that it has what appears to be a pair of cameras installed. The lenses are visible behind the two small square windows, above the credit card keypad. One of the lenses is looking straight forwards and...
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    British Rail Telephone Enquiries - the lost tapes

    Bit of an obscure one here - Techmoan has some lost audio tapes from the British Rail Telephone Enquiry Bureau.
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    Journey planners suggest unnecessary double-back when changing trains

    Why do journey planners sometimes suggest an unnecessary double-back when changing trains? This has happened to me twice recently: Waterloo Merseyside to Ormskirk - change at Moorfields rather than Sandhills, and Barrow in Furness to Skipton - change at Lancaster rather than Carnforth. One...
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    Integrated transport - bus routes that should be integrated with the rail network.

    The thread on the UK's inability to do integrated transport has got me thinking. Which bus routes could be sensibly integrated into the current rail network? That would involve the bus link being added to railway timetables, put into the Routeing Guide and rail tickets accepted on the bus. I'm...
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    Merseyrail emergency coronavirus timetable

    I've just got an email from Merseyrail, saying that they will be changing to a 30 minute service frequency using 6-car trains.
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    Horton in Ribblesdale station to get footbridge, with lifts.
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    Liverpool Lime Street to Liverpool Central minimum connection time

    This is a recognised walking interchange, isn't it? I'm struggling to find the minimum connection time for walking between the stations. Would a 2320 arrival in Lime Street allow a walk to Central to get the last train of the day to Southport at 2338?
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    Footpath crossings - rights of way.

    Is there available anywhere a list or map of footpath crossings on the rail network? Also is it possible to find out which crossings are recognised public rights of way? Do Network Rail publish this information? Thanks.
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    Tickets where via routeing forbids the shortest/quickest route

    More and more tickets are having their route changed from "Any permitted" to "via X". Sometimes this is of no consequence as via X is the only way that a passenger would go. However, sometimes the change has been made thoughtlessly and is preventing passengers from taking the shortest or...
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    Clapham (Yorks) / Giggleswick to Settle and beyond fares

    At some point these fares have been routed "via Skipton" and priced accordingly for the unnecessary double back between Long Preston / Hellifield and Skipton. The most extreme example of this daftness is that we have a ridiculously expensive Giggleswick to Settle SDR anytime day return at...
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    Liverpool to Gobowen fares

    I am planning on making this journey so looked up the fares and routes. The Routing Guide allows travel via either Chester or Shotton, and there's not a great deal of difference between the two routes with respect to distance and journey times. However the fares available are: Anytime day...
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    Northern advance fares +Arriva bus!fares?orig=BDI&dest=LCN Example - Bradford interchange to Lincoln. The highest price £15 Northern Only advance fare says: "Journey must include travel on the following main TOC: NORTHERN Connecting travel (where permitted by routeing) is allowed on: ARRIVA BUS" What's the...
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    Peak District PlusBus

    Has this changed recently? The National Rail website says that it is available from Matlock, Buxton, Hathersage and Glossop stations. However, the PlusBus website only mentions Matlock and Buxton. Unhelpfully the...
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    Rover / Ranger maps that you'd change

    Following on from this thread What Rover / Ranger maps do you think could be changed for the better? I'm talking about sensible changes that don't undercut normal day return fares and might actually have a...