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    Rail strikes discussion thread

    Does the Merseyrail TSSA deal include any assurances about keeping the station ticket offices open?
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    What aspects of the railways does the UK railway industry do well at?

    Trackside fencing, keeping people off the tracks. Whether or not the UK needs to is open to debate. In many countries the railways are unfenced and people are expected to take responsibility for their own actions and not get run over.
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    Penalty fare given to family

    The process of obtaining a Promise to Pay ticket Northern ticket machines explicitly states that you are obtaining permission to pay your fare in CASH only. Not relevent to the OP’s situation, who wanted to pay by card, and was prevented from doing so by a machine or card fault. They may not...
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    Is Pineapple Road a silly name for a station?

    They should sell a PPAP rover ticket allowing you to do Pen-Y-Bont - Pineapple Road - Appleby - Pen-Y-Bont.
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    December 2022 Timetable Changes

    In December? Would anyone use it in the winter? Looks like they’ve missed the summer day trip to the seaside market this year.
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    Things you don’t see outside any more

    What about those push-button illuminated town centre maps? A big glass fronted case with a local map inside, usually with small advert cards for local businesses around the edge. You’d push a button for a point of interest (e.g. library, town hall, bus station) and a small torch bulb sticking...
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    "Misuse" of Anytime Short Return ticket type by Transpennine Express

    That is true. As stated in the first posting, they were introduced to be an additional product, to give a period return for short distance journeys where previously only day return fares existed. Soon afterwards Northern and others decided to misuse them across their networks and the rest is...
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    "Misuse" of Anytime Short Return ticket type by Transpennine Express

    I have been moaning about this since SHRs were rolled out by Northern. It is ridiculous that the Off-Peak SVR product effectively has 2 days outward validity, compared the Anytime SHR’s one day. And quite how SHRs are supposed to effectively cut down on ticket reuse fraud, I cannot fathom...
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    Greasy Spoon Cafes

    A real shame about Preston Bus Station Cafe. It was on my list of places that I really must go back and visit again, but not so much now. When the bus station got listed building status and then refurbished, a lot of fuss was made about care being taken to preserve the period features inside...
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    Greasy Spoon Cafes

    Preston Bus Station Cafe looks like it is still going strong, but looking a pictures online, it seems to have lost much of its 1970s time-warp charm in a recent refurbishment.
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    Trivia: Split-level stations on the National Rail network

    Historically it had surface and low level platforms. Now it has low and deep levels.
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    Useful Things You Can No Longer Easily Buy

    Creamola Foam? Powdered fizzy pop is defiantly useful.
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    Useful Things You Can No Longer Easily Buy

    The only weedkiller that I have found to work at keeping the weeds and moss away on block paving. You can make your own by electrolysing a solution of table salt.
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    Northern staff at Deansgate refused to allow me to break journey on off-peak day return - had to buy ticket to leave

    Decent? It is the bare minimum that that can get away with. No extra compensation for the delay, stress and time spent having to complain? No promise that they will arrange training to stop such “mistakes” happening to other passengers in the future?
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    Should the railway have tickets to off the network places served by bus?

    Hathersage, and Glossop also, were Peak District PlusBus interchange stations at one point, but annoyingly got removed for some unknown reason. Speaking of bus and rail integration in the Peak District, this exists for travellers to Castleton, but as usual, isn’t well publicised, or explained...
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    Merseyrail Class 777

    The 507/508s seem to be well thought of. I got an email from MerseyRail today tempting me to buy a soft toy version of the units, available from certain stations! I will be sorry to see them go...
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    Carnforth Motive Power Depot

    As are the dilapidated parcels/mail vans that have been dumped in a surfing at Hellifield for 10+ years.
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    Overnight BoJ on outward portion of Off Peak Return?

    Changing 8A/3A SVR Off Peak Returns to SHR Anytime Short Returns would have the consequence of barring an overnight break on the outbound leg, even if the journey could not be completed on the day it commenced. There are plenty of journeys where the return fare is an SHR and the journey is far...
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    Merseyrail Penalty Fare - No facility to purchase

    If the cost of enabling smartcard writers on the TVMs is an issue, Saveaways can simply be issued on standard credit card sized ticket stock instead (if you buy one form the booking office at a City Line station in Merseyside then that is what you get), it is just MerseyRail’s decision not to do...
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    Coal Supply/Cost Issues

    In the 2010s there was a project, New Crofton Co-op Colliery, to open a new drift mine next to the ECML near Wakefield. I recall that they got planning permission, some funding and some early work was done on the site, but the project seems to have since stalled. They were planning on mining...