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  1. Tim R-T-C

    Urgent TOPS Requests

    Hello all, if anyone has the allocations for 43012 today I would be most grateful. Its my last powercar to photograph. Many thanks
  2. Tim R-T-C

    Caledonian Sleeper

    Hi all, been out of touch with the railway world for a while now, but got an opportunity to try the Highlander in a couple of months. Has anyone paid the impressive prices for the upgraded sleeping berths, are they worthwhile? Has it been relatively reliable of late?
  3. Tim R-T-C

    BLS - The Summer Syphons 4 Days Railtours - Friday 2nd to Mon 5th July 2021

    Hi all, long time no see. Just seen this pass Bingley, rather unexpectedly so thought I would have a look on here to see what was going on. Some nice bonuses for the passengers on this.
  4. Tim R-T-C

    Life on the Airedale Line

    So I'm about a year behind with my photo sorting, need to sort that out... maybe by going out and taking more photos and never sorting them? A couple of shots from my latest upload, 31/07/18 Some more regional interlopers at Leeds and Kirkstall Forge GWR liveried units at Leeds by Timothy...
  5. Tim R-T-C

    ECML Class 90 diagrams

    At present 90029 is sat in p7 at Kings Cross. According to RTT the next departure from here is the 1833 for Foster Square. Has a 90 worked this yet? Edit: platform was changed, but question stands if anyone knows?
  6. Tim R-T-C

    Aviation Discussion

    I usually opt for the beer, just because it is usually the best deal on a full service airline. Ask a coke and you get a slug into a plastic glass from an already open bottle. Ask for a beer and you get an entire 330ml can.
  7. Tim R-T-C

    Class 365 future

    Were the 331s going to replace the 319s in the short term, or add extra capacity/replace Pacers? Seeing 319s and 365s side by side in Manchester will be surreal!
  8. Tim R-T-C

    Life on the Airedale Line

    Thanks for your research, but the picture is actually from July 23rd 2018. I don't know if it was working on the line itself, or had just been stabled in the KWVR sidings - track machines often seem to end up there. The crew were seemingly having trouble with one of the switches so perhaps it...
  9. Tim R-T-C

    Life on the Airedale Line

    A little bit behind the times, I have uploaded my summer 2018 local gallery into Flickr now, making around 750 photos in my assorted local gallery. It was a pretty good summer on the Airedale Line. Lots more Pacer action on my commute with the retimed Lancaster to Leeds service in the morning...
  10. Tim R-T-C

    Ethiopian Airways flight crashes (10/03) + 737 MAX grounding

    A Smartwings 737 MAX flight from Cape Verde to Prague is forced to circle as it cannot enter EU airspace. This seems utterly daft, surely increasing risk - of pilot fatigue if nothing else.
  11. Tim R-T-C

    Aviation Discussion

    Its up near the numbers on 23R. High fences, so not great for photography I would imagine, but excellent for spotters. Hopefully they will add some new mounds to the viewing park - it seems daft that so many British airports have downgraded their spotting facilities - it encourages spotters to...
  12. Tim R-T-C

    Aviation Discussion

    Sad news for aviation fans in the north - the Manchester Airport Viewing Park is closing its spotting mounds from today, for development of a new 'private terminal' building. Given the popularity of the site for spotters and families, I wonder how it will survive without much of its raison...
  13. Tim R-T-C


    A couple of random suggestions: Harrow-on-the-Hill, lovely architecture: S Stock 21110 on a Met service to Aldgate by Timothy Young, on Flickr The Bakerloo line north of Euston with its beautiful tunnels: Bakerloo line train arrives into Kensal Green by Timothy Young, on Flickr The...
  14. Tim R-T-C

    Aviation Discussion

    Thought you might be interested in a couple of shots from last week at Mazar I Sharif airport in northern Afghanistan. This is the original 1950s Soviet built terminal building. Kam Air is one of the main domestic operators, with an eclectic fleet - I did follow an A340 on FlightRadar...
  15. Tim R-T-C

    What's the Attraction for Using Old Locos?

    The 60s in particular are hideously complex with extensive, but very dated electronics - this is the reason why DB was quick to sideline these when they didn't need them. Probably a factor in Colas selling them on to use 56s instead.
  16. Tim R-T-C

    Trivia: Stations or other locations that resemble a model railway

    I always thought West Hampstead Jubilee Line station would make a good urban scene - tight location, mainline and tube running, bridges at both ends for scenic breaks DVT 82304 with a layer of snow on top by Timothy Young, on Flickr 165023 passing West Hampstead by Timothy Young, on Flickr
  17. Tim R-T-C

    Caledonian Sleeper Mk5 Discussion

    No Mk2, but otherwise as above with 10617 added. Seen here passing Hampsted Heath (sorry for low quality pic, taken from my twitter feed)
  18. Tim R-T-C

    Assetless company given millions of govt money...

    I certainly wouldn't bet on that. The whole situation is already dodgy because Chris Grayling's department only started awarding contracts to shipping firms a few weeks ago, too late for a full public tender process. Hence the whole thing was hidden under the table and not publicly disclosed...
  19. Tim R-T-C

    Assetless company given millions of govt money...

    Except that they HAD TRAINS! It wasn't like Stagecoach were getting paid to take on the ECML services and then had to provide their own rolling stock, they took over existing stock, drivers, crew, staff, infrastructure etc etc. This would be like an Open Access operator getting funding from a...
  20. Tim R-T-C

    Assetless company given millions of govt money...

    Perhaps it was to deflect from the fact that the other two companies receiving millions are DFDS, a Danish firm, being paid in Euros and Britanny Ferries, a French firm. Or perhaps this mystery firm has direct connections to a government minister... I think the ferries are to be used for...