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  1. Ladder23

    LNWR Interview

    Hi all, An email today came through today with a interview invite, this was a bit of a shock, as I applied for the position a seriously long time ago. The job being a trainee driver. The interview is online through a app but with no panel, it’s a set of questions which I have to answer...
  2. Ladder23

    Brent/ cricklewood waste transfer

    Hi all, The waste transfer station just beside cricklewood is the news true that it’s being moved? I have only just found some very brief info regarding this, and I am curious to know anything about the plans, I’d appreciate any response big or small, I noticed on the opposite side of the MML...
  3. Ladder23

    Yellow stations?

    Hi all - I am hoping someone could enlighten me, I can remember some stations being a light yellow colour, and very bland, before the days of the big adverts etc on the walls? Today traveling through embankment I noticed some of the metal work on the walls was missing due to maintenance work...
  4. Ladder23

    Identifying where a OHL stantion is?

    Hi guys with a photo I’ve seen I am trying to work out where the location is, the stantion displays the following BB 13 26 I am told BB is the route, 13 is the mileage and 26 is the post number in that mile? I work on S&T so I ain’t familiar and the person who told me wasn’t 100% sure. All...
  5. Ladder23

    Forders sidings (Stewartby)

    As previously used for waste trains, its been closed now for some time (I can't be date specific I am not aware) but its looking like its due to re open once again with the new incinerator stationed close by. Rumour is trucks will drive to and from the site to the incinerator.
  6. Ladder23

    One Apus container ship

    Hi there I am very uneducated with ships and where they can go etc, but one ship I want to know more about is the Ocean Network Express Apus ship. Has/ would this ever come to the UK?
  7. Ladder23

    Is there a way to determine when/ what trains leave depots?

    As above guys I’m curious if there is a way to determine when trains leave depots, not any Depot in particular I’m just curious. For example a class 700, let’s say 700123 will have a TOC set for its route. 1611616390 Not sure why this got moved here????!!? I posted this in the London...
  8. Ladder23

    Luton refuse trucks between 1995/98.

    Hi guys, I can’t find a appropriate place to ask this so hoping to try my luck here. I am after any info or photos of the fleet of refuse trucks used around the time stated for Luton borough council. I have a vague recollection of the fleet being yellow, but I cannot find anything at all...
  9. Ladder23

    New London Underground Sony roundels

    News this morning, they look great! Won’t be up for long;
  10. Ladder23

    Luton to Clapham Junction?

    Can anyone help me with what available routes I can choose from? I’m on a works course so NR will pay my travel but I am curious as to what routes I can choose from to take everyday? Any help appreciated
  11. Ladder23

    Old feel stations

    Hi all, I did a short pass this evening on the Met from Chesham to Chalfont, it was a first for me riding this end of the map. I noticed both stations had a lovely old feel to them, particularly C&L. I am really keen to know what other stations would have the same type of look and feel, not...
  12. Ladder23

    Blackpool trams

    Hi guys, I visited Blackpool today for the first time in what feels like forever, I noticed the old trams which I remember seeing are no longer. They’re all new and modern and there is no history like I remember now? Where are they all gone?! i remember seeing a walls advertised tram which...
  13. Ladder23

    Could thameslink expand beyond bedford?

    With the EWR going ahead etc, the northern point of the thameslink route will soon play a more important role! What’s the chances of TL expanding beyond Bedford in anyway.. if so, how? It’s always been in my mind an haven’t seen a topic to discus before
  14. Ladder23

    Merseyrail 507's/508's

    Hi guys, I am struggling to find much info on these now a lot of new 777 units coming into the country. Are they being scrapped, if so where?
  15. Ladder23

    Why did the St albans - Watford Abbey line not get electrified until 1988?

    An interesting line to say the least. Any idea why they took the time to electrify if? It’s never really been a priority line has it.. reason I ask is the likes of the vale line (Bletchley Bedford) isn’t
  16. Ladder23

    When will services on St albans - Watford (abbey line) resume?

    curious as to when this will resume again, I noticed its been of the cards now for a long time.
  17. Ladder23

    when will Southern trains return to MK Central?

    as above, I noticed they have been terminating at Watford now for some time, wondered if anyone knows when they will start going to MKC again?
  18. Ladder23

    Can someone point me to the current 707 thread?

    I’ve searched, every thread I find is not open for replies, with news of them going I’d like to keep my eyes peeled on the best thread on here, Thanks
  19. Ladder23

    Thanks nhs Vinyl 700.

    Noticed on instagram a photo of the new wrapped 700, 700111. I will add some pics!
  20. Ladder23

    Bletchley sidings (beside Bletchley tmd)

    I did a patrol through here recently, and its clear to see this was a very busy location once upon a time. Having searched I cannot find much, maybe because I am using the wrong name, I tried freight sidings, and cambridge sidings, but I think both may be wrong. any photos or info is much...