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  1. SickyNicky

    Flint to Euston Off Peak Return - Restriction Anomoly

    We've noticed an anomaly on restriction VK (for example, Flint to Euston). OFF-PEAK R - FLINT to LONDON TERMINALS - BR Fares The restriction text says that the ticket isn't valid to arrive in Euston until 10.25. But the electronic restriction data is showing not valid to arrive before 10am. As...
  2. SickyNicky

    FastJP - Operations Manager Required

    Please note: I have been give permission by the moderators to post this. FastJP is looking for an Operations Manager. This full time role is a great opportunity to join the team that powers the industry-leading split-ticketing engine and the most customisable journey planner on the market. The...
  3. SickyNicky

    FastJP - new programmer

    Please note, I have received permission from the site moderators to post this. FastJP is looking for a programmer. Many of you will be aware of FastJP, which is the flexible journey planner that powers, amongst others, TrainSplit. We're looking for someone to join the team. Generally working...
  4. SickyNicky

    Loss of rights on Cross-London e-tickets

    I was alerted to this by a customer this morning. Look at the following fare: You can see that it includes the Maltese cross for a cross-London transfer. However, this ticket is available as both TOD and e-ticket...
  5. SickyNicky

    TrainsCanBeCheaper Site Update

    Note: I have been given permission from the moderators to post this. We've updated TrainsCanBeCheaper! For those that don't know, TCBC is the non split-ticketing version of TrainSplit, and we've made some changes behind the scenes that you might be interested in. New Features: supports...
  6. SickyNicky

    Looking for HTML Developer

    This is posted here with permission from the forum moderators. We're looking for someone (preferably a rail enthusiast) who would like to shape the look of a number of exciting new websites that we have in the pipeline and also to earn some money in the process. There's no particular time...
  7. SickyNicky

    TrainSplit Looking for New Staff

    Please note - I have permission from the forum staff to post this here. At TrainSplit we've got some really interesting new projects on the boil, but we need some new people on board to help us to make them a reality. In keeping with our ethos of wanting people who are interested in rail, we're...
  8. SickyNicky

    TrainSplit iOS app

    The TrainSplit iOS app is now available from the App Store. Quick link is For those who may be interested, we're working on a whole host of extra features for the apps. So watch this space. And if you have any suggestions, you know where I am. Thanks.
  9. SickyNicky

    NRS down

    Hi all, Just a heads up to day it looks like the NRS is down at the moment. TrainSplit won't work for anything that involves a lookup for advance fares. I'm sure it won't be long before they fix it, but everyone's in the same boat.
  10. SickyNicky

    TrainSplit v2

    We're delighted to announce that we've opened up the long awaited TrainSplit v2 to members of this forum. You can find it at: Powered by the new FastJP journey planner, it does things rather differently because it looks for alternative routes and change points...
  11. SickyNicky

    Georgemans Junction?!

    I notice that Georgemas Junction, up in the far North, has been renamed to Georgemans Junction :o
  12. SickyNicky

    TrainsCanBeCheaper - New Booking Engine

    I'm pleased to offer members of this forum exclusive early access to our new booking engine, TrainsCanBeCheaper, which now includes full ticket booking facilities. We use the FastJP journey planner which many of you will have been testing for a while now, but TrainsCanBeCheaper builds on this...
  13. SickyNicky

    Railcards not applying properly

    Good morning, all. We've noticed a problem with this morning's data feed and Disabled Persons Railcards. They don't appear to be applying the discount on NRE or any IPTIS based system. Presumably that will also be the case for other booking engines as they gradually all switch to the new...
  14. SickyNicky

    First class upgrade where no first class ticket exists

    Imagine I have a standard class ticket from Ledbury to Stafford, say an Anytime Return. What should be the excess payable to travel in first class? There's no first class fare defined. Obviously I could split tickets, but I'd like to try to do it on one ticket.
  15. SickyNicky

    XC HSTs Northbound from the West Country

    Could some kind person tell me the times of XC HSTs from either Penzance, Plymouth or Exeter heading North tomorrow, please? (the frequently requested thread is only valid up to the timetable change on the 10th). Thanks.
  16. SickyNicky

    Peak Restrictions Relaxed at Paddington

    Today, I have an Off-Peak 1R ticket from Ledbury to London Terminals route Evesham. Normally the return portion of this ticket is not allowed on the 17:22 from Paddington. It's OK on the 18:22, and that's the train I was going to catch. However, I arrived at Paddington just after 5pm so...
  17. SickyNicky

    ORR Retail Market Report Released Today

    For those who may not be aware, the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) has published it's report on the review of the rail retail market.
  18. SickyNicky

    Rail Booking Form - Seeking Designer

    As many of you may know, we'll soon be releasing a major improvement to TrainSplit, using a brand new journey planner called SplitR. We'll make a further announcement about this nearer the time, but it's pretty innovative and we think that you'll like it. We're looking for someone who's...
  19. SickyNicky

    East Coast free first class tickets

    Just received a nice surprise from East Coast. 2 free first class tickets for anywhere on their network. Is anyone else getting these? Here's the email I got: The T&Cs are the same as the old rewards tickets used to be.
  20. SickyNicky

    FastJP Journey Planner Now Available

    I can announce the public beta release of the new FastJP journey planner at This is a new (and fast) timetable lookup service that is free of charge. It comes with all sorts of tweaking options like multiple vias and avoids (of different types), restricting by TOCs and...