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  1. LA50041

    GTR to loan 6 387's to GWR

    GTR are to loan 6 Gatwick Express 387's to GWR to assist whilst 800's are still withdrawn. They are due to move over this weekend. Unit numbers unknown at this moment
  2. LA50041

    Bristol-Cardiff help

    I’d appreciate any help from knowledgable folk. Is there a return ticket that I can buy so that I can do Bristol TM - Cardiff - Bristol Parkway? I tried putting parkway-Cardiff via TM and Temple Meads -Cardiff via Parkway but it seems to imply 2 singles are required Thanks
  3. LA50041

    Refund due to disruption from third party retailer

    I’d like a bit of advice around an issue I have with getting a refund on a ticket due to cancellation. I was due to travel Doncaster-Selby on a Hull Train which was cancelled due to a lack of trains last month. Under NRCoT I should be entitled to a fee free refund. The ticket was purchased...
  4. LA50041

    Change of route excess?

    Just a quick question around excesses, i did read the ticketing guide but i'm not sure I got it. I need to travel later today from St Pancras to Stockport and will be using the 'via Chesterfield' off peak return. On the way back it might be easier to go into Euston, but that off peak return...