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  1. brad465

    Legacy of Colonialism on Developing Countries

    Moderator Note : split from As well as what @najaB said, I imagine English being a prominent language plays a large part. French of course is prominent in North African countries and I wouldn't be...
  2. brad465

    Maidstone to Bristol Airport return - best options?

    As alluded to in the title, I'm flying out from Bristol Airport at 06:10 on the 22nd June next month, and scheduled to return at 15:25 on the 29th June 2022. In terms of getting there by train, I'm planning to get the final train from Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads at 23:32 on the 21st June...
  3. brad465

    The "Prince Charles'" Speech

    So named because the Queen has just pulled out of reading it, but I suspect its content will become a discussion in due course to warrant a thread:
  4. brad465

    465s operating Victoria-Ramsgate today

    Earlier today, according to a post in a relevant Facebook group, 465903+917 operated the 18:40 Victoria-Ramsgate (and presumably other services this formation was allocated to which fed into this one). While it's not unusual to see them running Chatham mainline fast/semi-fast services that...
  5. brad465

    When a train breaks down and the route is set over a level crossing

    Yesterday I was travelling from Strood to Maidstone Barracks on this service, which had a fault at Aylesford and required a full train reboot before being able to resume. All the while this was going on (around 20 minutes), the 3-aspect signal at the end of the platform was green, which meant...
  6. brad465

    Elon Musk - the world's "greatest" spiv?

    Elon Musk recently bought a load of shares in Twitter, and after turning down an offer to join the board, has made an offer to buy the platform: To me this sounds like his latest pump and dump trick, which he was believed to have also done with his...
  7. brad465

    Government publishes energy strategy (07/04/22)

    Tomorrow is expected to be the release of the long awaited energy strategy, which was initiated in response to trying to gain energy independence by moving away from Russian reliance, but has also been delayed over finer details including cost. There is now a preliminarily article here revealing...
  8. brad465

    RAIL magazine app issues?

    The latest edition of RAIL was released today, but on downloading it the copy wouldn't open, citing an error. Doing a phone restart, clearing the app's cache and repeatedly deleting and re-downloading the file didn't work. I did the latter to a previous edition, and that file opened fine again...
  9. brad465

    Costs of covid response that many are not putting down to covid response

    Companies/other entities blaming covid for pre-existing failures is well known now. But the inverse also appears to be present, where things that covid was mostly responsible for are being blamed on stuff that either didn't cause a subject problem, or played a minor role. The main one that...
  10. brad465

    Should the UK Give the Chagos Islands to Mauritius?

    Split from this thread What's the betting Johnson will see this as a "Falkland's 2" situation, so will send a convoy to go get these islands back, get a poll surge, then call an election with a...
  11. brad465

    Dame Cressida Dick to step down

    Couldn't come soon enough:
  12. brad465

    2R14 07:43 Sevenoaks-Ashford International - purposes?

    Recently I discovered the existence of the subject Saturday diagram, which AFAIK is the only passenger service these days to visit Ashford that is 465/Networker operated. I took the service this morning for fun (formed of 465919+934), but also am not entirely sure about some of the reasons for...
  13. brad465

    Covid and deepening inequality

    Oxfam have published their annual report for the World Economic Forum in Davos, and have highlighted how the wealth of the top 10 richest men in the world doubled in the pandemic, while an extra 160 million people are in poverty, and, perhaps most eye-catching with regards to daily death tolls...
  14. brad465

    Do branch lines contribute much financially to the greater network?

    mods note - split from this thread: How about every branch line service? By their very nature branch lines are at best secondary routes, so have inferior services that will have any one or combination of the following...
  15. brad465

    New Year Honours - Many faces of pandemic knighted/damed.

    As per the title the New Year Honours list is out; Chris Whitty was widely speculated to be getting a knighthood and has got one. But Tony Blair getting one and joining the Order of the Garter will go down like a lead balloon:
  16. brad465

    Laura Kuenssberg to step down as BBC Political editor

    This had been speculated/believed for a few months or so now, but now is official, where she'll down at Easter:
  17. brad465

    Omicron restrictions in Wales

    The Wales response thread is locked, so will post this here: Wales have now proven vaccine passports don't work as Nightclubs have been ordered to shut after Boxing Day, and social distancing will return:
  18. brad465

    China vs Taiwan and other potential invasions/conflicts of concern (previously included Russia & Ukraine)

    This issue has been flaring up all over the place, not just in the news thanks to recent attempts at diplomacy and/or threats, but also on this forum, particular about how our heavy covid focus is taking our eye off the ball with what these hostile powers might be up to. As a result I think it...
  19. brad465

    Why Covid is bad for the environment

    There's been plenty of suggestions covid has been good for the environment, due to reduced pollution from lockdowns and more working from home reducing commutes. However, I think in many other ways it's actually bad for the environment, and when arguing against certain behaviours/mandates in...
  20. brad465

    Test and Trace till 2025?

    The Financial Times are reporting that new contracts could allow T&T to run until 2025: The most obvious thing I think to say is how this will be a complete waste of money and resources, which would be far better spent on ensuring the NHS is winter ready in future...