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    Update on TFW future plans

    An update on TFW plans for future services
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    Unusual workings Shrewsbury due Points Failure 10/09/21

    Due to an Engineering Overrun last night which left some points out of order for much of the day, there were unusual operation of train services. It was not possible to run through the station to and from the Hereford direction. Trains from Manchester towards Cardiff and West Wales Wales used...
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    GWR Reduced Timetable 26 July

    GWR are introducing a reduced Timetable from Monday 26 July due to the volume of train crew absent from duty due to COVID and the large number self-isolating
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    Conwy Valley flooding 23 and 24 May

    I'll start a new thread as the old ones have now been closed. Since the major work was completed and the line re-opened there have been several occasions when the line has been closed beyond Llanwrst North due flooding a little to the south but now, the line re-opens the next day as it has...
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    Wartime Bomb causing Disruption at Exeter 27 February A Wartime Bomb was discovered yesterday in the Exeter University area and close to the Rail Line. An occupation has been planned today for it's removal. GWR are diverting some via the Mule Extract from National Rail...
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    Payment of COVID-19 Fines

    I was wondering about the payment of fines in respect of COVID breaches particularly if they are actually paid or defaulted on. Another aspect is what is the method of payment when one has been issued by the police. My suspicion is that it could be a matter of just "words" and that there...
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    CP6 funding cut by £1Bn: Where should the cutbacks occur?

    This is an extract from TFW Journey Check and illustrates an occurrence over the last two days and brought about by the Branch being worked by a pair of 153s. A 150 has substituted from the re-opening until now because 2 x 153s are overlength for Dolgarrog.
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    Grayling back in another job

    Here is back again, failure rewarded again. Money for old rope for the hours and will there be any ships ?
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    Heart of Wales Line closed again due landslip

    The Heart of Wales Line has been closed since Wednesday, 12th. TFW Journey Check. Information given out is patchy, buried and difficult to find and no mention on NRE site
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    Government Awarding of COVID-19 contracts to Cronies

    There are a number of items highlighted in the Contact Tracing Thread regarding this topic but to avoid going off topic I am starting a new thread. Much of the detail has already been posted but to summarise I'll briefly re-post them here and leave them open for discussion. (1) Government...
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    Welsh Government new guidelines for travel on public transport: Extreme?

    Wales on Line You couldn't make this up and left me wondering if it was April 1st today.
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    Heart of Wales Line closed until August 3rd

    From NRE Website:-
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    Does the Government know how people are behaving

    I often wonder`if Government Ministers and others who keep thanking us for playing our part in reducing the transmission of the virus are aware what happens in real life outside their own bubble. For example:- Wholesale failure to observe social distancing (2m or 1m to come) measures...
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    Contacting Companies

    Due to the current crisis, this seems to more of a Catch 22 situation. Due to COVID-19 more reasons are cropping up for people requiring to contact various Companies via their Call Centres for queries or advice. However, at this time when they are most needed, contact is more difficult...
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    Storm Jorge

    Difficulties in South Wales have started with wholesale flooding and almost every route affected NRE currently showing There were trains diverted via VOG and having to turn back to Cardiff
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    Emergency engineering works between Abergavenny & Hereford (1st & 2nd Feb)

    Network Rail have imposed a last minute Possession resulting in bustitution between Abergavenny and Hereford from approx 1930 onwards to carry out urgent track repairs.
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    Another TFW 175 Fire Gowerton 22/12/19

    1V93 1232 Manchester Picc to Carmarthen today terminated at Gowerton due to a fire on a 175. At the moment, I can't quote the number but will post later if it comes to hand. I have seen a picture on TFW Twitter showing smoke (not flames) billowing out from underneath and passengers making...
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    1F09 Failed inside Severn Tunnel 10/12/19

    Surprising that this has not made the forum but yesterday, GWR 1F09 0930 Cardiff to Portsmouth Hbr, became a complete failure inside the Severn Tunnel and worked by a pair of Turbos 165131 and 166209 (5 carriages in all). I cannot go back to Quote anything at this stage due to any items...
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    TFW Shortage of Train Crews 23/08 and Bank Holiday

    TFW Journey Check tomorrow, Friday, showing 17 full and 39 part cancellations due to shortage of drivers. The areas mainly affected are in West Wales, Cambrian (been short all week) and Chester and North Wales. There are many bustitutions been arranged where alternative services are not...