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  1. robertclark125

    Bo'ness community bus route C19 withdrawal

    Back in 2017, Bo'ness community bus was started, by the local community, to address the lack of direct buses from Bo'ness and Blackness, into Edinburgh. The Bo'ness community bus was born, and it started route C19, which terminated in Edinburgh, at Waterloo Place, rather than the bus station...
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    The old Tyne Dock BR station

    A google search by me has found just one image, of the old Tyne Dock BR station, which closed in 1981. The station is not on the exact same site as the present Tyne Dock Metro station, AFAIK. But, where exactly was the Tyne Dock BR station, and was it a single track or twin track island...
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    Edinburgh but not Waverley

    One that appears to have slipped through the net, since yesterday, Edinburgh Waverley is now officially called "Edinburgh", automated station announcements on Scotrail no longer use the Waverley tag. Indeed, the official name no longer uses "Waverley". Apparently BR once tried to drop the...
  4. robertclark125

    Depots at sectorisation from 1982 onwards, who owned them?

    When the BR business sectors were created in 1982, to co-exist with the regions, over the years, some depots got signage relating to a specific sector, which was the main user. For example, Westbury got Railfreight signage, Craigentinny got Intercity signage. Hornsey got NSE signage, Inverness...
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    Why was there a Red Stripe Scotrail livery

    As is well known, there was a blue stripe Scotrail Livery, which was applied to all the push pull 47s, 47701-17, and also to just one class 47/4, 47461 at Inverness. Other 47/4s at Inverness, which had Scotrail branding, carried the red stripe version. It was simply the intercity executive...
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    Level Crossings and Cycle Races

    As I write this, it's the 2019 Paris - Roubaix one day cycle race in Northern France. In 2006 and again in 2015, the race has been disrupted due to a level crossing being closed, to allow a train to pass. The 2006 incident is shown in the video below. As commentator Phil Liggett said at the...
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    Settle to Carlisle in the Peoples Friend Magazine 27-03-2019

    Firstly, to moderators, if you feel this thread would be better located elsewhere, please do move it. Just wanted to give a quick heads up, that on the issue of the People Friend magazine, which will be published on 27-03-2019, the featured location article, which is always the scene painted on...
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    Who owned the depots at sectorisation?

    British Rail went down the sectorisation route on 5th January 1982. Obviously the rolling stock on that date belonged to the sectors, as did marketing, and the timetableing of services. The staffing to drive the trains, and the station staff belonged to the regions. But what about the depots...
  9. robertclark125

    Another one bites the dust - Airport travel, Dundee

    Also being reported on the Dundee Area Bus Forum, Dundee based operator Airport Travel appears to have ceased trading. This link provided information to some people concerned with school buses. As I understand, Airport travel haven't operated any...
  10. robertclark125

    The old Gallowgate coach station

    Few questions about the long gone Gallowgate coach station in Newcastle upon tyne. When did it close? It was certainly operating in 1993, but when after that did it close? I've seen photos of it with vehicles parked up in front of what looked like doors with glass at the top. In this photo...
  11. robertclark125

    Unusual 33/1s in top and tail with 4TCs

    I was looking at some videos of class 33s, especially class 33/1s, on youtube, and came across a short video, with three clips of 33/1s with 4TC units at Worting junction. It's the first one which is unusual. We see 33115 hauling the train, but at the back of the train, comprising 2x4TCs, is...
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    Motorail facilities

    Firstly, to the moderators, please move this thread to the Stations and Infrastructure forum if that is where it should be. On my layout, Clydebridge Station, I'll be modelling a small motorail facility. It led me to wonder though, what stations had motorail facilities in 1989, when my layout...
  13. robertclark125

    Motive Power Monthly, January 1986-December 1991

    Some of us, who are of a certain age or above (I'm 39 BTW!), may remember a magazine called "Motive Power Monthly". Published by Ian Allan, it was born out of Modern Railways Pictorial, and the magazine looked at the British scene, with Rolling Stock Newsreel, which is akin to the similar news...
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    Red star kiosks

    Firstly to moderators, if this needs to be moved to the Stations and infrastructure section of the forum, please move it. I visited Hastings in 2000, well before the station building was rebuilt. I noticed there that the Red Star parcels point, albeit closed, was a kiosk, like a ticket office...
  15. robertclark125

    Regional Railways club trains

    I'm sure those of us of a certain age (me included) remember the Regional Railways club trains of the 1990s, Blackpool North or Southport to Manchester Victoria or Liverpool Lime Street. They were hauled by class 31/4s or 37/4s. Why were they called or known as "club trains"?
  16. robertclark125

    Going from analogue to DCC

    For the past 18 months, I've been building a layout in a 6x4 shed, called "Glasgow City". The layout has videos on youtube. But, one continuing issue is the fact that when I built it, I used a lot of track that was about 25 - 30 years old, and hadn't been used for about 15 years. The same could...
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    Diesel hauling the Bury line class 504s

    There's a video on youtube, showing the nrun down of the Bury line class 504s in 1991. The video starts with 37426 hauling four or 5 units one evening, at Besses o' the barn. Thing is, why were the 504s diesel hauled when the line was still mainly in use, and the power on.
  18. robertclark125

    Tyne and wear metro approach controlled signals

    I was wondering if anyone on here knows the speed that a train, on the Tyne and wear metro between Monument and St. James, has to slow down to, in order for the approach controlled signals (there are two of them), on the approach to St. James, to change from red to yellow? For those...
  19. robertclark125

    Crisis at Bus Eireann

    The latest issue of Buses magazine has popped through my door, and it mentions a possible crisis at Bus Eireann. Trade unions are considering an indefinite strike, over plans to make cuts in various areas, most notably the Expressway network. The acting chief executive has warned the company...
  20. robertclark125

    Class 73/0 jumper cables

    On the first batch of class 73s, which were the 73/0s, they had an extra jumper cable, which the 73/1s didn't have. The jumper cable was a high level one, not a blue star one. So, what was the extra jumper cable for, and if two 73/0s were in multiple, did both jumper cables have to be used?