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  1. robertclark125

    Hospital bus services

    The Stratheden hospital, near Cupar, is served by route 64. Back in 80s and 90s, there were a couple of routes, which ran twice a week. The 25B, later operated by Rennies ran from Dunfermline, via Kirkcaldy. It later passed to Hamish Gordon of Leslie, but the route no longer operates. There was...
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    Could buses carry parcels again in the UK?

    Could any company have used door to door, using a van to pick up at a house, take to a bus station or depot, load, and at the other end, the reverse happened?
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    Could buses carry parcels again in the UK?

    My local operator, Stagecoach East Scotland, has told me that the SBG type parcels service, the topic of this thread, only ended in their area in 2007. I have to say, it certainly wasn't widely advertised after 1990. In fact, I can't recall any Fife Scottish timetables, after the 1991 Stagecoach...
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    Could buses carry parcels again in the UK?

    The border courier services in the Scottish Borders carried parcels well into the 2000s. First lowland used special optare metroriders that had a luggage space at the back, separated from the seating area.
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    Could buses carry parcels again in the UK?

    For GUS, I believe white arrow still exists.
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    Could buses carry parcels again in the UK?

    The only options available would be collection and drop off at bus depots. And they can be a fair bit away.
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    Bo'ness community bus route C19 withdrawal

    Back in 2017, Bo'ness community bus was started, by the local community, to address the lack of direct buses from Bo'ness and Blackness, into Edinburgh. The Bo'ness community bus was born, and it started route C19, which terminated in Edinburgh, at Waterloo Place, rather than the bus station...
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    Coaches using motorway service areas as interchange points

    It could be complicated. Obviously, there would have to be permission from the services owner, e.g. Welcome Break or Moto, and also one would imagine insurance would need to be checked to make sure cover was provided on the rear exit. That's one thing about people trying to use rear exists as...
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    Coaches using motorway service areas as interchange points

    I mentioned the 900 stopping at Harthill services, and someone mentioned rear access roads. I know coaches would not be permitted to use them, purely as that's not the purpose of a rear exit. Anyway here's a rear access link.
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    Coaches using motorway service areas as interchange points

    Actually citylink service 900 uses heart of Scotland services at Harthill, both ways. This is intended to give the village a direct bus link to either Edinburgh or Glasgow, and there is pedestrian access to the services from the village.
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    Supermarket free bus services

    Rennies, when it was independent, ran a twice weekly free bus from Cardenden to what was Fine Fare in Cowdenbeath. Initially an Atlantean was used. When it became Gateway then Somerfield, a Leopard was used. For a while, a Mercedes minibus was required, before the service was abandoned in the...
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    Trivia: Bus Depots/Garages Difficult to Reach by Public Transport

    Moffat and Williamson's St Fort depot is built next to the East Coast Main Line. Stagecoach Express buses pass by. Yet, only a 2 hourly local service operated by M&W serves the side road the depot is on.
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    Trivia: Most isolated country routes operated with double-deckers?

    Dublin bus route 65, lower Abbey Street to Tallaght, extends a few times a day to Ballyknockan in County wicklow. The terminus is 35km away from the city centre, and some of the roads are barely big enough for a double decker. Yet it went over to Olympian operation in 1991, and has been double...
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    How many ex-National Bus Company (NBC) names or independent ex-NBC operators left?

    North of the border, First Scotland east has been using the "Midland" name on some vehicles from Bannockburn and Larbert depots. The livery on said vehicles is a slightly different shade of blue to the old Midland Scottish blue.
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    Reminiscing about Western Greyhound

    When the new rules about bus registrations came in, namely that anything over a certain length had to be operated by a tacho equipped vehicle, Western Greyhound split routes, and required people to change vehicles. So, a 500 became a 500 and 501, and at the mid point, people had to change from...
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    Ever had an accident on a bus?

    I was on Fife Scottish Leyland Leopard WFS 150W in Glenrothes in 1990. A lorry changed lanes and then stopped unexpectedly. No one was injured, and the bus was repaired.
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    The GAC Ireland/Bombardier Ireland Bus Range

    It's worth mentioning political pressure led to the Shannon site being chosen. It was the former Rippon piano factory, and there was pressure to find work for the former Rippon employees. In addition, the first vehicle off the production line, KE1, broke down at the launch in the factory, and...
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    The GAC Ireland/Bombardier Ireland Bus Range

    The photo of the Volvo Olympian, kd and the atlantean, also appeared in the book "Dublin bus " published in 2007. Quite a few photos of bombardier and gac products, including the short lived batch of kr single deckers at donnybrook. One KD was exported; in 1982 a left hand drive example was...
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    Go North East

    Worth mentioning that United also had a depot at Toward Road, Sunderland. The site was recently demolished (2019 I think), and this depot wasn't for local services wholly within Tyne and Wear. Instead, it was for longer distance services from southern country Durham, and Cleveland, heading to...
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    Trivia : Closest depots/outstations same company

    The old MPTE garage at Speke Road, Garston, long demolished, and the Speke garage of MPTE were, according to a street map I havem a couple of miles apart. Speke is still open, and is located on Shaw Road.