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    Stations with mandatory assisted dispatch

    Regularly opened up during service disruption.
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    How do BTP manage to cover the rail network?

    BTP will respond between Timperley & Altrincham as that's NR metals. Also not unusual to find them down at Piccadilly metrolink, and I'd resume though don't know first hand Victoria is the same.
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    Signalling Connections to ROCs

    Not sure if Cambridge is a Sub-ROC as such, York ROC has several Sub-ROCs in it (South / Kings Cross whatever it's called this day of the week, Leeds (Former York IECC area), and Sheffield, but they're all in the same building. Sandhills was recently given signs outside which say it's a ROC.
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    A career as a signaller

    If that is the case (And I only say that as it's not happening everywhere like that), make sure you are claiming under the 13 week rule (From date of advertisement if the post is vacant) and bypass the training grade all together.
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    A career as a signaller

    Query this with your local RMT rep & recruitment. As far as I am aware the conditions of the Green Book (Available on the RMT website) still stand in respect to payments while training, which is generally one grade below, and the FP of the new role straight away.
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    Tinder is very much part of a "hookup" culture, yes people do find long term relationships on it, but so do people on Grindr.
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    Anglesey-Cardiff Air Service Scrapped - Money to be spent on land-based North-South Links

    I wonder if £2.9 million is enough to recommission Ty Croes as a block post instead of a crossing box and shorten the longest block section on the route.
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    Octopus - Flexible Tariff - current cost?

    If it helps mine is currently 29.58p/kWh
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    Rail industry preparing for national strikes

    Erm, would you like to make a late entry in the TRB / occurrence book to make an amendment?
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    What happens if lamp proving shows a signal lamp isn't working?

    You'll get different opinions on this I think. From the signaling side if you've got a failure, you might talk 30 or more trains through it in a shift, but to that particular driver it's the first time in months they've been talked by. FOC drivers working engineering trains, and even more so...
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    What happens if lamp proving shows a signal lamp isn't working?

    No problem mate, I'm probably a bit quick to jump on these sort of things but I like to keep on top of rule based posts that might be misinterpreted by others. Out of interest have any drivers here actually been talked by under S5 Reg 7?
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    What happens if lamp proving shows a signal lamp isn't working?

    S5 Reg 7, brought in in 2020 allows the passing of two signals at once under very specific circumstances, and I'll be honest there's not many places you can actually do it in reality. Emergency Special Working (S5 Reg 5) has NOT replaced Temporary Block Working (S5 Reg 6), TBW still exists, and...
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    British heritage lines which are returning to normal, post Covid-19 restrictions.

    Llangollen going belly up wasn't related to Covid though, the place had been mismanaged long before we'd ever heard about Covid-19.
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    Scotrail and alcohol

    As someone who holds a Personal License for sale of alcohol and who has worked in the night club industry I'm well aware of how differing groups or people react to alcohol. My point was simply that someone deciding that an alcohol ban on the train means they'll drive doesn't have to point to...
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    Scotrail and alcohol

    That's a little overreaction isn't it? Now here me out as you obviously have strong views on this! If I have the choice between paying £50 - £75 for an off peak return to take me away for the weekend (Let's say out Friday evening back Sunday) or driving, driving will probably win on cost...
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    Medical incidents on board trains

    @43066 I would assume as someone working in the legal field you can get access to old cases and such like. In fact if you know of a way I could get hold of them to read I'd certainly be quite interested. Cattley v St John’s Ambulance 1988, Leonard v Girl Guide Association 1995, Loyley v St...
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    The Reason For This Speed Restriction at Redhill?

    The nearer and smaller 75 sign is a repeater, and is probably there to indicate to trains leaving what I presume to be a siding on the left that the main line speed is 75. The 80 is a larger start of restriction style sign, and indicates the line speed has risen to 80. What the reason is for the...
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    Abandoned wagons and rolling stock on the network

    There's a Freighliner liveried HHA or similar which ran away lying at the side of either the Cwmgwrach branch, or the Onllwyn branch (I think it's the former)
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    What happens if a wheelchair space is off the platform?

    Used to be a regular thing at Cathays on the up (Toward Radyr) platform, I can't recall if it was just something that was an issue on the pacers, but the ramp barely fitted between the platform fence and the train, you had to line the door with the wheelchair in up precisely with the wider area...
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    Bank accounts for voluntary groups; what can be done?

    COOP Bank offer two to sign for charity accounts for online payments, however I can't really recommend them. Changing signatories on the account was always extremely painful, and the online banking interface was stuck in the dark ages.