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  1. MikeWh

    Fenchurch Street Underground

    A friend of mine from Hull was making a journey to Southend today. The itinerary was split into Hull to King's Cross, King's Cross to Fenchurch Street by Underground, and Fenchurch Street to Southend. By chance we spoke while they were on the first leg and they seemed quite surprised to learn...
  2. MikeWh

    New Cross-London (Maltese Cross) Availability

    I have it on very good authority that two new interchanges for cross-London travel will be added later in September. Battersea Park - Battersea Power Station Queenstown Road - Battersea Power Station
  3. MikeWh

    Luton Airport Parkway to Waterloo East via London Bridge - Zone U12 issued?

    I was looking up fares for a visitor to my site and it doesn't appear as though Thameslink will sell tickets to Waterloo East without the Underground. Obviously Waterloo East is not in the London Thameslink group, but you don't use the Underground. Is it valid to use such a ticket all the way...
  4. MikeWh

    Using Oyster/CPay via Gerrards Cross

    I'm considering travelling to Amersham on Saturday. If I miss the last direct return train (1809) and have to take the replacement bus to Gerrards Cross, will it be possible to still pay using Oyster or Contactless? Touching in at Amersham would be possible, but will I be allowed into Gerrards...
  5. MikeWh

    Day Travelcard fares with railcard after March 1st

    Can anyone help please. If I ask NRE for a journey between Amersham and Marylebone off-peak this month it offers a travelcard as an option at £14.30 for an adult or £9.40 with a railcard. If I change the date to March then the adult price increases to £14.70 and so does the railcard discounted...
  6. MikeWh

    Issues with Oyster Pads at Kidbrooke

    Does anyone know how to get an equipment issue fixed? I was tipped off about problems with the Oyster pads at Kidbrooke last week. I visited the station and posted the following report on my site: I then tweeted...
  7. MikeWh

    Future for London's Rail Fares

    So the news last night reports that TfL/The Mayor have been bailed out, but with conditions. The main one has been spun as The Mayor having to break his fares freeze promise, but actually that's a bit of a distortion of the truth. The fares freeze was only promised until Jan 2020. I don't...
  8. MikeWh

    Anytime, Any Permitted cheaper than Off-peak brand specific?

    I was checking details for a visitor to my site and found this:!fares?orig=CTN&dest=HRH Look at the two single fares. What is the point of the off-peak one?
  9. MikeWh

    Empty stock taking the long route?

    Just been checking trains through Crayford and noticed 5O15 passing. This is an empty run from Cannon Street to Grove Park depot. Why does it have to go round via Slade Green and the Lee Spur? Surely that's just a waste of energy? It's not even ending up the other way round.
  10. MikeWh

    Changes to the Oyster card deposit in London
  11. MikeWh

    Penalty fare regs - GTR

    I'm assisting a passenger who has probably been wrongly issued a penalty fare by GTR. They were told that they had to pay the full £20 at the time. Is this correct? I know you used to only have to pay the fare for the journey being made, and the form issued still mentions that quite clearly...
  12. MikeWh

    Removal of Underground travelcards to Watford Junction etc

    The latest edition of T&R released via FOI says that from last Sunday (8th) the paper day travelcards issued for zones 1-9A (Watford Junction), 1-9B (Hertford East) and 1-9C (Shenfield) have been withdrawn. This removes the confusion between LU issued travelcards and NR issued travelcards where...
  13. MikeWh

    LNER booking for 22nd September

    Hi, Does anyone know when weekend tickets will become available for York to London. According to LNER advance tickets are available up to October 6th, except 21/22,28/29 Sept and 5/6 Oct. I'm getting slightly concerned as I've booked one-way on Friday 20th and don't want to have to shell out...
  14. MikeWh

    May fares change date?

    Does anyone know which day in May sees the new fares take effect?
  15. MikeWh

    Oyster at Epsom from Monday

    Details are rather sketchy at present because the project is being led by GTR. But TfL have confirmed that it's going live on Monday 25th. Not sure what fares are, though a Surrey Comet article suggests it's outside the zones.
  16. MikeWh

    How quickly could a switch be re-instated?

    So the Bexleyheath line is shut for another week thanks to another landslip at Barnehurst. Many years ago I remember engineering posessions resulting in services from London terminating at Falconwood. The other two lines have switches midway along (Plumstead and Sidcup) so it seems quite...
  17. MikeWh

    [trivia] Most used OSI in London?

    Users of Oyster and contactless in London combine different legs of a journey into one when they make use of Out of Station Interchanges (OSI). They exist between stations with the same name but different paid areas (eg NR terminal to related Underground station), nearby stations where people...
  18. MikeWh

    Ridiculous journey on GWR

    I've just been trying to help my mum with a journey on 17th July from Westbury to Longfield. She has the return portion of a Longfield to Westbury route Newbury super off-peak return. The earliest journey NRE says she can make takes her: Westbury > Bath > Didcot > Newbury (bus) > Theale (bus)...
  19. MikeWh

    Crossrail (TfL/MTR) Not part of National Rail?

    So, I went to Abbey Wood this afternoon to add a Southeastern delay repay voucher onto an Oyster card. Abbey Wood is now run by MTR in readiness for the Elizabeth line services. This means that they do handle Oyster transactions at the ticket office. The conversation went like this: Me: Can...
  20. MikeWh

    Southeastern delay repay - a good outcome

    So I travelled last Monday (22nd) from Crayford to Dover Priory. Bought off-peak returns for the 0901 Crayford to Northfleet and 0955 Ebbsfleet to Dover Priory. That's about the cheapest way to do it using HS1 and you get the same train as you would travelling via Gravesend. The walk from...