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    Pluto, no longer a planet.

    Ive heard at school that Pluto got demoted today and is no longer a planet!
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    I listen to songs which are sung in other languages aswell as English, they include Gailic, Indian and Crazy Froggy!, what languages do you listen to in songs? :cyclopsa::cyclopsa::cyclopsa::evil1::evil1::evil1::toothy2::toothy2::toothy2:
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    Install Windows Updates, Immediately! As the title says, US Homeland Security is urging you to install them immediately. Quote WWW.BBC.CO.UK. Copyright BBC 2006 - All rights reserved.
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    Class 156, LEGO!! Congratulations to whoever made that model, it needs a bit of a face lift but its better than anything I can ever do!
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    BVE Will not work.

    Hi all, my BVE has currupted itself, ive re-installed everything, even net framework, and the program itself, even cleaned out the reg and whenever I load BVE I get a white screen and it doesnt load anything else up, do you know what could be the problem. I have attached a screenshot of what it...
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    Websites Visited Today?

    How many webpages have you visited today? I have visited 131 pages, my computer is singing and dancing about the results! Repost saying how many you have and tell us what your PC is doing to celebrate!
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    Class 47 on WCML

    Hi all, on Friday I saw a Class 47 + 5MK1 Maroon Coaches on the WCML moving south at a high speed, I was on the A74(M) when I saw it, about 50 miles N of Carlisle, does anybody know what this train was doing? I could not get any ID for it because I was on the A74(M) and it was on a bridge in the...
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    AMD Processor MAJOR price cut day after Conroe! (51k image)

    According to memos recently obtained by DailyTech, AMD will drastically cut prices on its desktop processors after the July 23rd release of Intel’s Core 2 Duo Conroe processors. The memos that DailyTech has secured are between AMD and Japanese system manufacturers and indicate the following...
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    How much internet cache do you have set?

    Just a simple poll today, how much cache do you have set?
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    Hot and Sticky. Once again folks.

    Hi all. The weather has been terribly hot again, we are expected to get up into the upper 90's and low 100's by next week. (37.2C - 40C) is our estimated temperatures. It happened last year also and it was horrible and it going to happen again. As for break downs, I have seen a few cars...
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    Snow Patrol - New Album

    A new Snow Patrol album has been released, it is teriffic. Its called 'eyes open'. It is definatly worth the money :D
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    Earthquake Report

    Hi all, erm, Im not too sure what exactly has gone on, but 10 minutes ago there was a light earthquake which has hit my city. We are yet to find out the magnitude, it wasnt a powerful killer or powerful one. I was getting ready for bed and there was a sound like a freight train and then the...
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    Class 142 Pacer Motors

    Does anybody know where I can get decent 142 motors, just after driving my Class 47, the 47 is a lot smoother. The 142 model was made in 1987, just in case they require special types of motoers. :hello1::hello1::hello1::hello1::hello1:
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    Processor Upgrade

    Hi all, I've decided, its time to change processors, the sempron had a good run, but it isnt very quick. I am going to Socket 939 and I have been wondering, which processor would you reccomend me getting out of the AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+ or the AMD Athlon 64 x2 4200+ Im a power mad person...
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    BVE at 1280x1024

    Hi, I've got a new monitor, and ive decided to go to 1280x1024 as my screen res. Is there a way to get BVE to run at 1280x1024? Thanks :) :hello1: :hello1: :hello1: :hello1: :hello1:
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    Keane - New Album!!

    Keane has announced that they will release a new album called 'Under The Iron Sea' and is expected to be released on June 12th 2006 UK, June 20th 2006 USA :toothy8::toothy8: The tracks are as followed: 1) Atlantic 2) Is It Any Wonder? 3) Nothing in my Way 4) Leaving So Soon? 5) A Bad Dream 6)...
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    Bve Error

    How do I fix this? Ive re-installed 3 times now, ive downloaded the routes over and over, and the trains, but whenever it starts it just starts to load and then stops and locks up. What can I do to fix this? :mad: :mad: - G --- edited --- Problem fixed, Reinstalled XP and is fine. Now to get...
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    What is your processor speed?

    A follow on from an old topic I started back last July. Since then ive upgraded my memory twice and got a new CPU. What is your computer processor speed and model? Mine is AMD Sempron 64 3100+ with a Gig of Memory (1024mb) --- edited --- If you are on an AMD System, please vote your effective...
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    Linksys Drivers in XP x64

    Hi, ive got Windows XP x64 today and I cannot find any drivers for my wireless adaptor. Does anybody know where I can get them from? Cheers Gareth --- edited --- Ive contacted linksys, they do not have a driver for XP x64 so ive dual booted XP Home and X64 together. Shame though, I was really...
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    Pacer [TRS2006)

    Hi all, just a quick message here really. Does anybody know where to get a Class 142 'pacer' or any pacer really, for Auran Trainz 2006? I don't mind paying for a decent one.