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    Calculating mileage between stations

    Unfortunately, it doesn't suprise me - the NR BPLAN dataset is peppered with errors.
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    December 2022 Timetable Changes

    Looking at a copy of the Winter 2005/6 NRT, it ran Mondays to Fridays only. Departing Birmingham New St. (16:51), Sandwell & Dudley (16:59), Wolverhampton (17:10), Penkridge (17:20), Stafford (17:27), Crewe (17:50), Warrington BQ (18:08), Wigan NW (18:18) and Preston (18:39)
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    Calculating mileage between stations

    Network Rail's BPLAN data lists the direct route between WRNGTNJ and GLNTNJN as 1761 meters, which is approximately 1.094 miles or 1mile 08chains.
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    Edmondson tickets at preserved railways?

    The East Lancashire Railway had them when buying tickets from the booking office in Bury. This was pre-covid though, so may have changed in the intervening period.
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    Tokenless Block

    At the risk of going a bit over 'rulesy', here's how I understand it. Rulebook module S5 outlines all the occasions when a train can pass a signal at danger. It specifically mentions passing a signal at danger for shunting purposes, but only where there is no signal provided for the movement...
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    Tokenless Block

    Rainford signal box has a single token machine for both Knowsley and Kirkby. Trains to Kirkby collect the token from the signaller at Rainford and return it on the way back. There's an auxiliary token machine at Dale Lane for trains to Knowsley, so that they can lock-in, and allow the passenger...
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    Tokenless Block

    Whoops. Auto correct prefers Non-technical Skills (NTS) over No Signaller Token (NST). Probably best to read before submitting, next time :oops:
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    Tokenless Block

    This is a superb resource! Clearly a lot of work has gone into this! One minor issue I've found, is for NW6015 (WKL2). Between Rainford and Kirkby, including the freight stub to at Dale Lane, is ETB and not as shown NTS.
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    Tram start time from Beckenham Junction

    The first tram of the day, does indeed depart at 05:25. But that is formed of a journey that departs Therapia Lane at 04:42. It may be of interest, that back in 2010, the first tram from Beckenham Junction was at the later time of 05:35. Full timetable...
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    May 2022 Timetable Changes

    Since the timetable change, all Northern services to/from Ellesmere Port have been cancelled, with the exception of the one afternoon return trip on Wednesday 18th. I can see these reliability issues resulting in a few headline (low usage) figures when the relevant station usage statistics are...
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    Old timetables

    This is an excellent resource. Thanks for sharing!
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    Changes to Preston area services from December 2022

    Apologies if you've already seen these, as they are based on the Manchester changes, however they also include timetables for local services at Preston, from December 2022. (click "The Routes" towards the bottom of the page.)...
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Hi Kemal, 2C02 - 507010 2C03 - 508117 2C04 - 507031 2C09 - 508127 2C11 - 508136 2C13 - 507024 2Y02 - 508120 2Y03 - 507008 2Y04 - 507007
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    A new mileage search facility

    Thank you both - well spotted! I'll have to admit to not making the map myself. It's the same map as used in the Route Coverage thread. However, I'll have a perusal for a more up to date and copyright free map.
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    A new mileage search facility

    You're very correct, it does include the Marches line between South Wales and Chester. I've uploaded a map, which will update as coverage grows, so it's possible to see the areas covered. MAP
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    A new mileage search facility

    Hopefully it's alright to post this in here. Although, if not, feel free to remove... I've recently been working on creating some railway mileage search software. It's primary purpose is so it can be incorporated into other projects, and there's still a bit of polishing required, but in the...
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    Tfw - Liverpool to Chester services

    As Watershed says, and confirmed by three separate timetable providers, the service will remain (approximately) two hourly until December at the earliest. Railway Data: FabDigital/NRT...
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    Closure of Teesside Airport station

    Earlier in the week, and possibly earlier, there was a notice on Northern's Journey Check about the closure of Teesside Airport station. Unfortunately, it now seems to have disappeared.
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    Snowdon Sherpa Network Changes

    By chance, I happened to visit the Gwynedd Council bus timetables page today. It appears that the S5 has already begun running (as of April 2nd), however other routes remain on winter timetables until the 9th. Cymraeg...
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    Trivia: Greatest service level difference between weekday and Sunday

    Should stations with a significantly better Sunday service be accepted, I'd nominate Hawarden Bridge. 7 trains Monday to Saturday, 20 on a Sunday.