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  1. talltim

    Songs where you go “Aargh” and lurch for the Off button

    Anything by the Lighthouse Family is top of the list. I’m glad to find that I’m not the only Bohemian Rhapsody hater 1656161878 Bragg sung or written or both? This is great
  2. talltim

    Was the world really healthier in the 60s/70s?

    Kids with things as mild as dyslexia went to special schools (or got told off all the time) so you wouldn't have seen them.
  3. talltim

    Section 106 and Bus Services

    I'm so old I can remember catching the (Green Line) bus from the bus station here! Mind you, I look at the Galleria and say 'It were all motorway round here when I were a lad'
  4. talltim

    I am being threatened with court over a Trainline ticket dispute.

    If you pay on Trainline with Apple Pay (I assume thats what was meant) what debit card are you supposed to use to collect the ticket? Do you have to have a debit cart to set up Apple Pay?
  5. talltim

    A decline in seat comfort: Who made the decision?

    It that because they are actually two dimensional?
  6. talltim

    Avanti's serial cancellations of last trains

    Why is it always the last trains of the day? Surely the roster team should be making sure that crews are available for these, at the expense of leaving gaps earlier in the day. If there is a pattern of the crews rostered for the last trains going sick, then that starts to look like skiving.
  7. talltim

    Why would you build a modern freight wagon without bogies?

    That’s a very comprehensive reply
  8. talltim

    GWR Tender for 30 x 4 car EMUs

    Whether or not it’s right, it’s obviously a conclusion that can be drawn…
  9. talltim

    Why would you build a modern freight wagon without bogies?

    The 70s/80s BR built four wheel wagons were considerably different from the ones that had gone before. The long wheelbase opens (OAA/OBA/OCA), vans (VAA/VAB/VBA/VCA/VDA) and steel wagons (SAA/SPA) involved quite a lot of research into underfram and suspension design, as has been mentioned above...
  10. talltim

    How do people afford a car?

    Can’t help feeling that this thread would have gone a lot better if the question was something like How do people who live in London afford to run a car?
  11. talltim

    How do people afford a car?

    I grew up in Harpenden, my dad commuted to South Quay until the IRA blew up the building he worked in. That was 30 years ago when the Thameslink service wasn’t as good. Luckily the company moved to Balham after that so it was more direct, although fewer choice of trains. I think you’d be...
  12. talltim

    Missed tap-in at Farringdon after arriving via ThamesLink with a paper ticket

    It’s a stupid name as some of the terminals are not terminals.
  13. talltim

    Procecutions over Croydon tram crash

    The Guardian reports that the TFL, the Croydon Tramlink operator Tram Operations Limited and the driver are being prosecuted over the tram crash in 2016
  14. talltim

    Wembley travel fiasco - FA Cup semi final 16/17 April 2022

    I bet the railways are secretly quite glad about it, especially the train crews who would have been rostered and the cleaners and fitters
  15. talltim

    Heaton Derailment 22/03/22

    If it was the front and coming onto the depot, there aren't any trailing points for it to have gone over. It would have been travelling east-west.,-1.570341,40m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en-GB If it was the rear then there are a few coming out of the sidings. Edit...
  16. talltim

    Phone battery died - not given opportunity to buy new ticket

    Just for future reference, Network Rail is not the same organisation as National Rail Enquiries
  17. talltim

    Double Slips

    Apparently it isnt actually Barry, although they were used there, instead in Newport. This photograph appears on page 51 in John Hutton's "The Newport Docks & Railway Company" published by Silver Link Publishing Ltd in 1996 (ISBN 1857940873). It is credited to Associated British Ports and the...
  18. talltim

    Double Slips

    I think its because they were used intensively in Barry, South Wales. This picture make smy head hurt!
  19. talltim

    Bromley North Line Suspended After Severe Bridge Strike

    The bit you seem to have missed is that this is a railway forum. :D If you want a balanced view on road vs rail incidents maybe you need to look at an aviation or marine forum!
  20. talltim

    Unsure how to Proceed with Delay Compensation **Resolved**

    It would get filed in the ‘I’ll read that tome when I’ve got no other complaints to sort out’ pile