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    VTWC First class wrong way round

    Driving along the M602 into Manchester yesterday (26/07) I was passed by (I think) 1M07 - Glasgow to London. The interesting thing is that First Class was on the rear, whereas I would normally expect it to be at the front. Would this train reverse somewhere, or has the set been reversed?
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    North Wales Loco hauled stock

    Are there still any loco-hauled diagrams on Manchester to Holyhead? If so, what times do they depart Manchester on a Thursday and return from Chester on a Saturday? (I am travelling next week) Thanks, in advance
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    Pourtsmouth Harbour ferry connections

    I will be travelling to IoW by ferry from Portsmouth Harbour in June. I currently have a bad knee which is impairing my walking speed. Two questions:- * What is the walking distance from train (from Southampton) onto the ferry? * What is the minimum time I should expect to comfortably make the...
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    Plusbus @ Blackpool North.

    Travelled to BPN today with a plus bus ticket. On arrival went to Travel Centre to ask for a bus timetable. "Sorry we don't have them." Asked where the bus stop was "Sorry, I don't know." Same result from 2 others in Northern uniform. I eventually asked a taxi driver, and was directed under...