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    Northern conductor interview

    You will almost certainly be asked:- 1) tell us about your past career and about yourself (not scored but worth making a good impression) 2) tell us what you know about Northern/the job role (scored). Worth Googling any recent positive news stories as well as giving the basics. Don't mention...
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    Penalty fare given to family

    Can a 16 year old even be pursued through a county court for a debt?
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    Northern strike timetables

    Signallers on a night shift won't have booked on. Trains will only be able to start leaving depots when the morning shift starts. Depot drivers are also mostly in RMT so won't have booked on for night shifts either.
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    Northern interviews

    Should points scoring be equal between an internal and external candidate then the internal candidate gets the job so there is a slight advantage of being internal. Otherwise best person gets the job.
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    Sad week at at Foxfield…pacer vandalism

    The TOCS here will remove graffiti on trains within hours of it being reported, a train will be removed from service even if it means a cancellation if the graffiti is offensive. This is a deliberate policy to make tagging trains a waste of time. In mainland Europe it will likely be left...
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    paid penalty fare but provided false information

    If the penalty has been paid, thats the end of the matter. Tecnically speaking you could be prosecuted for giving a false name and address but it isnt going to happen. Just be careful in the future that you always have a valid ticket as if you encounter the same RPI you may encounter...
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    Northern service cancelled as train sent back to depot by mistake

    Do you know if the driver signed that route? Piccadilly drivers do not, and not all Victoria ones do, those that do only run a limited number of Chester services usually early mornings and late evenings. Could the driver have had other work or booked break where they didn't have time to go to...
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    Mystery Rail Replacement Bus 02/06/2022 at Silverdale

    1U98 14.50 Barrow to Manchester Airport was cancelled. Bus had probably left Barrow around 15.00. Takes a while as has 2 large estuaries to drive around so probably caught up by next train.
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    RMT announce strike dates across range of TOCs and Network Rail

    Many depot drivers are also RMT. If the night shift hasn't booked on, expect very little to move in the morning.
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    RMT announce strike dates across range of TOCs and Network Rail

    Since 2017, they can only take action under health and safety law (different to strike/industrial action) over safety where they are in danger and a court can (and has in the past) instruct them to go back to work. They cannot strike over pay or terms and conditions.
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    RMT announce strike dates across range of TOCs and Network Rail

    Strikes are based on crews booking on times. No one is expected to go home at midnight, having booked on the day before a strike day, and any member of staff taking such action individually could be disciplined, as their shift is not affected by a strike, and they have not been instructed by...
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    RMT announce strike dates across range of TOCs and Network Rail

    Whilst most people on here either work on, use, or have an interest in the railway, a rail strike is irrelevant to the majority of the population, especially outside London. Food/power shortages as a result of the strike would be relevant but are unlikely and contingencies do exist. What would...
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    RMT announce strike dates across range of TOCs and Network Rail

    No although a lack of signallers will mean that a normal service is unlikely on those TOCs. Whilst there is a dispute on Merseyrail, there is no current mandate for industrial action. I am amazed that RMT didn't call strike action on Network Rail for the Monday, Wednesday and Friday instead...
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    Trivia: Shortest-lived name a station has had

    Buckshaw Parkway was to be called Buckshaw Village until shortly before its opening. Never actually opened with that name but retains the CRS code 'BSV' based on the original name.
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    Trivia: What is the furthest distance you could travel on the British rail network for £50?

    You would probably struggle to do that as a walk up passenger though. Maybe if booked at least a week or more in advance. Edit: Ryanair charge a £55 per seat fee for seats booked at the airport within 2 hours of departure. So not possible to get anywhere for under £50 if you walk up just before...
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    Northern penalty fares - excessive?

    It is/was in the Avanti franchise to gate both Wigan and Warrington. This was supposed to be being done in 2020, however obviously dropped down the list of priorities. I've noted the ticket vending machines at Wigan have recently been moved (when Avanti introduced the new type) to where would...
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    Northern’s Route With Highest % Load Factor Per Seat

    It's in that location so the gantry signal is prominantly in the drivers view and also so the hump on the platform is in the vorrect place. You could say the signals also in the wrong location but I'm not sure where else it could easily go.
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    Trivia: Trains which only serve cities, not towns

    All 3 stops on the Lancaster to Morecambe shuttles are within the 'Lancaster City Council' area so I guess that counts. Even the 1st train in a morning that goes via Carnforth stays within the city boundaries.
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    Trivia: Stations with more platforms than they need for regular service

    Expected to be single 323s 1653346102 2nd hourly Blackburn to Rochdale was part of the plan for December 2022. Not heard for definite whether it will happen but users of Smithy Bridge have been told they will get they're 2nd train per hour back (the Blackburn via Todmorden train will call...
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    December 2022 Timetable Changes

    The Wigan stopper is supposed to be going back to 2ph