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    Crossrail 'open' Looks like Crossrail is operating - sort of. BBC News' intrepid reporter makes a first journey. How long to the actual opening, I wonder? TfL still not committing to specific date. Crossrail: A first journey on London’s new line...
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    Greyhound to axe Canada operation

    Reports on the BBC radio news and in the Guardian this morning that Greyhound is to axe its entire network in Canada:
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    Second (or third) class Pullmans

    I remember my father telling me how he and my Mum once travelled on the pullman train (probably from Yorkshire) to London in the late 1940s - very probably on their honmeymoon. Knowing my Old Man, it seems highly unlikely that he would have forked out for first class tickets - even on his...
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    1,200 Hungarian carriages for Egyptian railways

    Press release from DHL's Industrial Projects arm - the move of 676 coaches for Dunakeszi Járműjavító by rail and heavylift shipfrom Hungary to Egypt over the next 32 months. Rail to the port of Koper, Slovenia for the sea voyage by and then direct onto the railway network in Egypt at the port of...
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    New Royal Mail hub for Daventry

    Press release from developers Prologis about a new Royal Mail hub at DIRFT (Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal). It says the site will have its own dedicated rail platform. ROYAL MAIL PARCEL PUSH CONTINUES AS CONSTRUCTION OF ITS SECOND PARCEL HUB IN THE MIDLANDS ACCELERATES...
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    Maccy D's on DB

    Anyone remember the McDonalds Dining cars on DB in the 1990s? Doubt they were much missed...
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    Brunel's Atmospheric Railway - could it ever have worked properly?

    As students of railway history will know, Brunel's bold attempt to build a railway worked by atmospheric power in Devon eventually came to naught. While it did hold out the attractive prospect of a railway without heavy locomotives, able to tackle with ease steeper gradients than...
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    Can anyone settle an argument? (Bristol RELH coach)

    In the mid- to late-1990s, I did a pub crawl in Bath with a mate. On the way back from a pub in the outskirts of the city, we caught a local bus and, instead of the breadvan-type minibus we'd been expecting, quite a sumptuous coach turned up; it must have been some sort of fill-in working or...
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    End of Changi Airport's Solari board

    Seems like the Solari board at Changi airport in Singapore is no more: I wonder, how many are left in rail service around the world? I don't think there are any in the UK now. Maybe it's an age thing, but the Solari indicators are one of those...
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    Sleepless residents call for tube speed restrictions

    From the BBC News website:
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    Using Over-60s Oyster in conjunction with paper ticket

    I have an Over-60 London Oystercard that gives me free travel within the London Oystercard zones. Can it be used in conjunction with paper tickets for travel beyond the Oystercard zone? Say, for example, I want to travel from Purley to Redhill. Purley is one station into Zone six with Coulsdon...
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    New over-60s Oyster - can I use it now?

    My 60th birthday is at the end of December. I applied for an over-60s Oyster card as suggested by the TfL website a fortnight before and it has just arrived in the post. The accomanying letter says "you should start to use it immediately". Does that mean I can get the free travel already, even...
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    Speed limits under semaphore signalling

    What is or was the highest line speed ever allowed under semaphore signalling? Presumably nothing higher than 90 or 100mph, officially? (The Midland Main Line comes to mind, for some reason.) Are there any high-speed sections of line with sempaphore signalling today? Was/is the existence of...
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    Dana footbridge reopened

    From the Network Rail website. For those of you that don't know Shrewsbury, the Dana footbridge resembles a very long railway footbridge which, although it spans the entire station site, is not actually connected to the station. I think the railway company was required to build it to maintain a...
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    Lewes Bonfire station closures - over the top?

    I spent a very enjoyable evening at Lewes Bonfire night yesterday evening. I've never before, so have can't speak about the situation in past years, but I didn't witness any overcrowding or rowdy behaviour. Maybe the fact that bonfire night is in the middle of the week reduced the numbers...
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    Decauville (or similar) track?

    Outside the small shopping centre in the suburb of Fagnieres near Chalons-en-Champagne, I found a number of what might be lengths of Decauville track sections that had been used to make flowerbeds. The inside edge of the top of the rail is traditional railway pattern, bulging out at the top...
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    Port Talbot torpedo wagon derailment - two hurt in explosion

    From the BBC News website Steel plant explosion: Two burned at Tata in Port Talbot Two workers suffered burns in an early hours explosion at Tata's biggest steelworks plant in the UK. Residents living near the Port Talbot plant heard a "massive"...
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    More trains Salzburg to Vienna Airport

    Press release from Vienna Airport received this morning... The runway at Salzburg Airport will be renovated starting today and lasting until the end of May 2019. All flight service to and from the airport will be suspended during this period. For this reason, Austrian Airlines is offering...
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    Horsing around on the Tyne & Wear Metro

    I honestly thought this was left over from 1 April but the date is 18 April... A guide horse's day out on Tyne & Wear Metro training A miniature horse which helps visually-impaired people has trained on the Tyne & Wear Metro to help his new owner. Digby, the UK's first ever guide horse, has to...
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    Brat wagons in China

    And I thought it was just us Brits who bred 'orrible sprogs... Should trains have separate compartments for 'bear children'? By Victoria Park & Kerry Allen BBC News As millions of people travel on trains across China in order to celebrate...