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  1. Western Sunset

    Quail Track Diagrams - Derby Litchurch Lane Works not detailed?

    Is there a reason why Derby's Litchurch Lane Works aren't shown in detail on these maps? Other works, such as Crewe and Wolverton, are shown in detail, but not Derby.
  2. Western Sunset

    Filton Abbey wood

    Does Filon Abbey Wood have ticket gates? Planning a photo visit and wondered about access. The National Rail website is out of date; it shows the previous arrangement before quadrupling. Thanks.
  3. Western Sunset

    Hamworthy Branch

    Is it just a rumor, or is the branch to Hamworthy to be reinstated?
  4. Western Sunset

    BRCW prototype "Lion"

    Just wondering if "Lion" would ever have visited or passed through Derby? Well-known working Padd - Wolverhampton, testing on the Lickey and on Pullmans out of KX to Sheff/Leeds. But did it ever come to Derby?
  5. Western Sunset

    SWR PA Announcements

    Was at Poole station this morning, and as a train was terminating, the PA address over the platform was something along the lines of "this train is now completing its journey". Haven't heard that before.
  6. Western Sunset

    "Travelling shunter"

    My wife is doing a bit of family history, and her grandad was a "travelling shunter" on the Southern Railway. Any idea what one of those were?
  7. Western Sunset

    Motion-sensitive platform lighting

    Do many stations have this? I was at Westbury last evening and as I wandered down the platform, the lighting came on as I passed along it.
  8. Western Sunset

    Castle Cary footbridge

    The permanent footbridge at Castle Cary has been deemed as unsafe, so the temporary one (put up to cater for Glastonberry crowds) looks to be being used to access plat 2 and 3. Anyone got more info on this please?
  9. Western Sunset

    Do HSTs still run at 125mph?

    This coming Monday is the 45th anniversary of the introduction of 125mph running in Britain. Do any HSTs still regularly run at 125mph in everyday service?
  10. Western Sunset

    PSL Railway Field Guides

    Does anyone know how many of these field guides were published, please? I know at least four were: Eastern Region Vol 1 - Southern operating area Eastern Region Vol 2 - Northern operating area Southern Region Western Region But were any other regions covered? Thanks.
  11. Western Sunset

    Least used electrified mainline

    With, at best, two electric trains each way an hour, is the line between Bristol Parkway and Cardiff one of the least used mainlines by electric trains?
  12. Western Sunset

    Trivia: No train service between two adjacent stations on a through route

    Are there many places where there is no train service between two adjacent stations? The example I'm thinking of is Bristol Parkway and Patchway. There must be others...
  13. Western Sunset

    Twerton Tunnel

    Does anyone know the official names for the two tunnels on the GWML near Bath at Twerton, please? "Quail" lists them as Twerton Long Tunnel and Twerton Short Tunnel. However, "Historic England" refers to them as Twerton Wood Tunnel and Twerton Tunnel respectively.
  14. Western Sunset

    Should you be able to get an over distance excess after you've gone beyond the validity of your original ticket?

    Mod Note: Posts #1 - #11 originally in this thread. Why were they unable to pay the excess? I'm sure many people's circumstances change en route. Did the "ticket inspector" who came along at Cricklewood not offer to sell them an excess? Should they have got off at St Albans to purchase another...
  15. Western Sunset

    Class 442 - locations update

    As the previous thread appears to have been locked, I just thought I'd give an update on the location of 442419. This is no longer at Weymouth, but now back at BM depot.
  16. Western Sunset

    Vegetation cut back at Bournemouth

    The bank sides at the eastern end of the station have recently had excess vegetation cut back. This opens up a clearer view of trains arriving/departing from the London end of the station.
  17. Western Sunset

    Railcard validity requirement for return tickets

    If one buys a return ticket and the railcard expires before making the return journey, is that return journey still valid?
  18. Western Sunset

    Engineering work this weekend between Bournemouth and Poole

    Just wondering if anyone knows what and exactly where the engineering work is this weekend please?
  19. Western Sunset

    The end of Modern Locomotives Illustrated?

    Enclosed with my subscription copy, which I received today, was a note stating that this magazine will be ending with the Feb/Mar 2021 issue. Sorry to see it go, but maybe it's run its course.
  20. Western Sunset

    Castle Cary footbridge

    Can someone enlighten me on the footbridge on the west end of Castle Cary station please. Is it just used for the Glastonbury crowds?