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  1. Lewlew

    Public Transport - Barcelona

    There is the Hola Barcelona card valid for varying lengths and valid on metro, bus (TMB), urban railway (FGC, Zone 1), Montjuïc funicular, tram (TRAM), and regional railway (Rodalies de Catalunya, Zone 1). 48 hours is €16.40 available from any metro station...
  2. Lewlew

    Should the Isle of Wight ferries be renationalised and better integrated with the National Rail network?

    I believe the Gosport ferry is actually the most expensive crossing per mile (on the Solent at least)
  3. Lewlew

    London Overground Strike Timetable

    Euston is controlled by Wembley Main signallers. The DC lines (as far as South Hampstead but Kilburn High Road has a reversing point) is controlled by the Wembley Suburban signaller. Presumably Wembley Main has a reduced amount of staff so less trains able to run into Euston. The last one or...
  4. Lewlew

    Trivia: Strike-Induced Timetable Trivia

    Northampton, Wolverton, Milton Keynes Central, Bletchley and Leighton Buzzard all only have 1tph on non strike days but receive 2tph on strike days.
  5. Lewlew

    WMT (WMR/LNR) strike timetables

    They’re in online journey planners. (For LNR at least)
  6. Lewlew

    Are reinfectons milder?

    I’ve had it at least three times. First time was Feb 2020 where I was extremely fatigued. Second time was summer 2020 where it was just a cough. Third time was Xmas 2021 where it was flu and extreme fatigue.
  7. Lewlew

    Filming locations on the Bakerloo line

    10mph northbound 15mph southbound Often held at a signal waiting for access onto the network rail line or into the southbound platform. Only sometimes though.
  8. Lewlew

    Safe House Series 2

    Any chance of a screenshot or picture?
  9. Lewlew

    Waterloo and City line trains

    The cab was originally meant to be removable when they upgraded the signalling etc and implemented full driverless trains. But it is now no longer removable and is just a standard cab.
  10. Lewlew

    Kings Cross Suburban Platforms

    Why didn’t they take the opportunity to renumber Platform 0 to P1? (And step up each platform)
  11. Lewlew

    Highest Volume of arrivals/departures per platform in a "dead-end" terminal

    They still do. Also happens at Brixton, Walthamstow Central, Aldgate, Loughton and no doubt somewhere else I’ve forgotten.
  12. Lewlew

    Direct services map

    This is just what I needed for my upcoming interrail trip. Thanks for sharing
  13. Lewlew

    Are rail tickets accepted on London buses if underground are on strike?

    If you have to hang around to wait until 1900 then I’d consider walking. Google Maps is saying 1h 13m. Bus could probs take a similar time on that day.
  14. Lewlew

    Overground Barking - Clapham/Richmond - Are through services feasible?

    No thanks! Overground in/out of Euston are often full and is a very useful link.
  15. Lewlew

    Anyone know what this is?

    CCTV (OPO monitors) usually come on just before the train enters the platform. At least they do on the Central line.
  16. Lewlew

    Colour Blindness as a Guard/Driver

    With the rise of in cab signalling and the removal of colour light signals then it’s definitely possible in the near future. There is currently at least one colour blind driver on the Jubilee line on the tube. There was a trial with one driver a few years back. No idea if anyone else has since...
  17. Lewlew

    1992 stock Refurbishment?

    Thats the 1972 stock on the Bakerloo
  18. Lewlew

    Wet tunnels

    Make sure the trains have their arm bands on
  19. Lewlew

    Trivia: Any lines that were built but never used?

    Someone else watches The Tim Traveller. He's just released two interesting videos about the Charleroi metro.