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  1. kieron

    National Routeing Guide update

    Some more changes to the routeing guide were published this afternoon. Changes from 15 Jun 2022 (389) to 24 Jun 2022 (390). Permitted Route changes: Birmingham Group (G02) to Warrington Group (G31) gain BM This journey now has mapped routes via Acton Bridge. These include the shortest route...
  2. kieron

    National Routeing Guide update

    Yes, it was TPE. The diversion means that their trains don't quite have enough time to run the normal hourly service between Manchester and Redcar. The timetable for September isn't available yet, but in August they have a trains every 2 hours, and no rail replacement buses in the NE.
  3. kieron

    Trivia: Biggest difference in fares by route?

    Bicester is somewhere else where you see pricy "via London" tickets for local journeys. Bicester Village-Haddenham & Thame Parkway has the following choice of anytime day returns: Chiltern Only (00048): £7.20 not via London (00700): £30.40 (4.5 times as much) via London (00200) £101.60 (15.2...
  4. kieron

    National Routeing Guide update

    That was the data for that update, and there were no nasty surprises in it. The last time I know of a delay like that was in January 2021. That was only a day, though. New post Some more changes to the routeing guide were published yesterday. Changes from 01 Jun 2022 (388) to 15 Jun 2022...
  5. kieron

    National Routeing Guide update

    Thanks for confirming that.
  6. kieron

    National Routeing Guide update

    Some more changes were published in the routeing guide yesterday. Changes from 20 May 2022 (387) to 01 Jun 2022 (388). Map changes: EU: Gain Clapham Junction to/from Wimbledon This map is used in 462 routes. This doesn't add any valid routes to the journeys which use this map, from what I can...
  7. kieron

    Pontypridd to Bristol Temple Meads/Bristol airport and return 1st week of July

    I don't know about the app, but has a "break 2 hours whenever you change trains" thing which may give you the time you need in Gloucester. For what it's worth, there is an easement which permits journeys like this via Gloucester on these dates, but it's 700988, not 700989.
  8. kieron

    Valid routes Warrington Bank Quay to Blackpool North

    There are no engineering works on 26/6. Well, there are, but the only ones reports for Avanti are much further south. What is there is Avanti's policy of denoting every train as "reservations compulsory", and waiting until shortly before the departure date to release reservations for...
  9. kieron

    National Routeing Guide update

    If an easemeent is implemented in a fairly straightforward way (as this one is), "beyond Didcot" means "somewhere you go through Didcot on the way". If you take advantage of this easement to travel via Bristol Parkway and/or Swindon to Oxford Parkway, then you will pass through Didcot on the...
  10. kieron

    National Routeing Guide update

    Some changes were published in the routeing guide on Wednesday. Changes from 13 May 2022 (385) to 18 May 2022 (386). Easement changes: Added: 700993 (Doubleback) Customers travelling to Chandlers Ford or Romsey on journeys that travel via Winchester may not doubleback between Eastleigh and...
  11. kieron

    Fife Circle Fares (Now That There Are No Circles M to Sa)

    Perhaps not, but the trains between Thornton and Markinch were already as limited as the ones to and from Kirkcaldy are now. Changing at Inverkeithing is more practical, but it's slow. If you actually wanted to travel between Glenrothes or Thornton and Kirkcaldy using public transport, your...
  12. kieron

    Ipswich - Cambridge / Cambridge North via Ely validity

    Cambridge is a routeing point (as is Ipswich). Cambridge North isn't, but instead is associated with Cambridge and Ely. To go between the Cambridge and Ipswich routeing points, you use the EA map, which has a route via Newmarket, but not one via Ely. To go between Ely and Ipswich, you use the...
  13. kieron

    3-mile route vs negative easement

    As far as the likes of NRE are concerned, there don't have to be two easements. The machine-readable data for 030062 is identical to 030190, and it doesn't match the text for either easement. Instead, the data is more restrictive, barring all travel from Horley via Gatwick and Earlswood (the...
  14. kieron

    Restriction BD - not valid on trains timed to depart Clapham Junction after 15:59 and before 19:10 for outward travel

    The same restriction is used for some Southampton-Brighton tickets, where the TOC genuinely doesn't want people catching evening peak trains in either direction. Whether another restriction code would be better for the to-London and from-London journeys with a BD restriction is an open question...
  15. kieron

    Tamworth to Willington

    That would make sense, but the same flows exist between Lichfield Trent Valley and Burton-on-Trent. Burton isn't in any clusters, and there are no fares defined between it and the Lichfield cluster, but only station-station fares. I notice that Willington-Lichfield Trent Valley tickets with...
  16. kieron

    Cheapest ticket to Abergele and Pensarn

    For an overnight trip, a Birkenhead-Abergele off peak return costs £12.25 with a railcard. A Heswall-Abergele one is £11.70, but the connections in Shotton aren't usually all that good. There isn't an origin on Merseyside or Merseyrail which has cheaper day returns than Chester, though.
  17. kieron

    National Routeing Guide update

    Some changes in the routeing guide were published this afternoon. Changes from 04 May 2022 (383) to 11 May 2022 (384). Easement changes: Added: 700989 (Local) The Severn Tunnel will be closed between te 01 and 10 July 2022. Customers from Severn Tunnel Junction, Caldicot, Chepstow and Lydney...
  18. kieron

    National Routeing Guide update

    Some more changes were published in the routeing guide this afternoon. Changes from 13 Apr 2022 (382) to 04 May 2022 (383). Permitted Route changes: London Group (G01) to Weybridge Group (G82) gain WX+SU This journey now has mapped routes via Kingston. London Group (G01) to Willesden Junction...
  19. kieron

    London Travelcard Z1-9

    Sorry; I've only just realised that the fare list I was using didn't include any of the anytime or off peak Travelcards priced by London Overground or TfL Rail. And they do show some odd routes as valid when there are buses involved. I've attached an itinerary from EMR, if that helps.
  20. kieron

    London Travelcard Z1-9

    I think you may be out of luck for £30. The cheapest Z1-9 travelcard is £16 (without railcard) from Swanley. A return from boundary zone 6 to Bedford would let you get to Milton Keynes, but it would cost £14.90 (for a total of £30.90).